Anime A to Z: Q – Quiz Magic Academy. This Anime Has It All!!

Quiz Magic Academy – OVA 1, and OVA 2.
You can thank me later for this one.

What’s Quiz Magic Academy all about and why should YOU watch it?

quiz academy teacher.jpg
Here we go again…

It’s A Magic Academy

Now if I was in your position, reading this, I would stop right here and go watch Quiz Magic Academy. “It’s a magic academy? Say no more.” – that’s what I would say.
So I figured I’d lay that one on you nice and early.

It’s a magic academy.

Still not convinced?

This Song

I’d like to invite you to listen to this song.
It has nothing to do with Quiz Magic Academy, BUT, this song, in a way, to some degree, if even just a little bit, embodies the intense action and excitement to be found in Quiz Magic Academy. In my opinion, of course. This song has nothing to do with the anime.

Oh, you’d like some examples first?
Say no more.

This Girl Wrestling A Tiger

tiger wrestle.jpg

This picture speaks for itself.
What does this have to do with a magic academy you ask?
That’s a good question.

Still not enough action for you?

This Mage Wields A Minigun

fraud mage.jpg

That’s right. A mage wielding a minigun.
We don’t actually see him use magic at any point in the anime, so I suspect he is a fraud. That said, he must have gotten into the academy somehow, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

I bet you’re wondering, “where is the magic in this anime?”.
No problem.

Magic Chess

magic chess.jpg
Pictured: Knight taking Rook?

No magic academy is complete without at least one game of magic chess.
I bet you never expected such a high class form of magic here, did you?

That’s right. Quiz Magic Academy has sophisticated magic.

These Two Veteran Mages

Two great comrades in arms.

One is a humanoid bald eagle, the other is just an old man.
Both are badass powerful mages capable of taking on the most powerful of enemies.
(Watch the anime to find out just how amazing they truly are…)!!

You probably have a good idea of what Quiz Magic Academy is all about by now…


green hair maid.jpg

It’s a real mystery, isn’t it?
I’m finding myself more and more surprised at how much can be packed into such a short period of time with the anime I’ve seen lately. There is a story there, but the real fun of Quiz Magic Academy is all of the comedic antics that take place.

It’s sort of split between gags and story, but primarily comedy focused.
Many scenes are broken up by short and fun chibi scenes:

Cute and efficient!

Don’t listen to the naysayers on MyAnimeList.
Quiz Magic Academy is a good time, as well as a short one.
It’s also the very definition of a hidden gem! I believe this is the… fourth? hidden gem we’ve uncovered so far in the Anime A to Z challenge.

I’ll give it the “A Lot Has Happened” award, because I feel like these words ring true here. Ruby from Rosario to Vampire would be proud of this anime, I think.

Rosario to Vampire isn’t my pick for anime R either, I’ve just always remembered those words from when I originally watched it. It’s been many years though!
So stay tuned for anime R – unlike my last few picks, this one will be longer than a couple episodes, I promise!

And that’s Quiz Magic Academy.
Finding anime like this is what the A to Z challenge is all about!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.


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