Pastel Memories – Episode 4 Review

Pastel Memories Episode 4 – one of these episodes I’ll get the anime reference!
But this one was not it.

The anime world this time around was one about three elementary school girls playing basketball while being coached by a highschool boy. Does this ring any bells for you? I don’t watch sports anime to begin with, so this one was a total miss, assuming it’s referencing a real anime like the previous episodes.



As usual, the girls are all at the cafe, all working at the same time. Who schedules ALL of their staff to work at the same time? The cafe is pretty much always empty – the owner could probably get away with one or two girls working at a time.

Anyways, one of the girls brings up a manga – they then proceed to find it and talk about it a bit, and then coincidentally (once again) said manga turns out to be infected by the virus. At least it’s a straightforward setup I guess!

This time those three girls from episode 2 that I thought would be the main characters in episode 3 went into the anime. So just one episode delay on that I guess. I thought it was a little odd, because the anime seemed to sort of make a point to mention these three, but then we didn’t really see them in episode 3.

pastel memories trio 2
This was the scene from episode 2 that hinted at these three.

They arrived to the world and Maya (the villain) challenged them to a game of basketball. They trained under the highschool boy, and then proceeded to win the basketball game. Maya was a sore loser though, so they had to also defeat the mother virus.

Then they went back to the cafe, and that’s about it I believe. Can’t remember anything else important happening.

Different, But The Same

Episode 4 for the most part was very similar to the previous two. The girls are in the cafe discussing a manga, which then gets infected, and then they go into the world and defeat the mother virus. This seems to be what we will keep on seeing in future episodes – everything starts and wraps up fairly quickly in a single episode.

BUT episode 4 also managed to provide us with a little extra action. Not only did we have scenes of the girls fighting the virus, but we also got some nice basketball action. Yeah, it was pretty cheesy – but in my eyes most sports anime are also cheesy. So I thought it was pretty fun to watch – the time spent in the basketball anime world felt like it was used much better than the last two episodes (although last episode was pretty good for this as well).

So the trend of each episode being more enjoyable than the last continues with this. I felt like episode 4 was the best one yet so far. I’d be very happy if this trend keeps up as we go.

I just noticed that even the virus is steampunk.. does Maya have to wind them all up by hand?

steampunk sword.jpg



Figured I should mention – I actually don’t remember anyone’s name from this anime! Not even the first few characters. It’s been a few weeks since we saw them anyways. I legitimately don’t remember a single name, including this episode!

The best I can think of is “Doc”, which is what the white haired girl is called, although it’s just a nickname.

This is the problem with having such a large cast like this. The problem is that each episode three characters take the stage, and the rest of the cast might as well not exist as we only see them for a few minutes. It’s not at all like other great anime that have a plethora of main characters, like Durarara!! – which not only educates us on everyone’s names / appearances in the OP, but also actually shows everyone fairly regularly.

I wanted to make a point to try and remember everyone’s names in Pastel Memories, but it’s just too much work!

pastel memories trio.jpg

That’s all I have to write about episode 4!

Until next time.
Thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Pastel Memories – Episode 4 Review

  1. That would be Ro-Kyu-Bu, which is a series about a high school boy who gets dragged into coaching an elementary school girls basketball team. I haven’t seen it, but I know it has a reputation for being a lolicon series, not just a sports series.

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