This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 3 – Criticisms of Some of the Art + The Perfect Screencap!

Hey everyone. It’s me, Yo-Rembrandt-mu!
Artist extraordinaire and expert art critic, here to deliver some hard hitting criticisms of some of the art from episode 3 of This Art Club Has A Problem!

But first, a little background on myself. I received my first Best Art Ever Award when I was only 6 years old. The first of many – I currently have 7 Best Art Ever awards, my works currently displayed on the fridge prove this. Since then I’ve spent my life improving upon my technique and abilities as an artist. I recently finished a masterpiece called The Two Owls, featuring two owls, and am also currently working on a new piece that I plan to call Sal the Golden Retriever.

As you can see, this job is a piece of cake for someone as accredited as myself.
Let’s critique some art, shall we?

You can find the Episode 3 Themes List here.


Critique #1


Hmm.. yes. I can see it clearly, the potential of this piece. I love the use of colour here – this piece seems to be going for a minimalist look, using very little colour. Only simple tones used here, a very bold move that can sometimes pay off. I’d like to see more detail in the background of this piece, it feels like something is missing and this could help with that.

Overall, it’s a fine piece of art. Very relaxing and warm, but also very realistic. I’m almost convinced it looks like a real rabbit! Well done.

Critique #2


This artist took a different approach form the last. Notice the attention to detail put into the outfits of these characters. Very impressive, however it’s not enough. The word “star” should be written below the star on the boy’s sweater. I do like how the girl’s eyes look like crescent moons – perhaps this is symbolic of her love for crescent rolls. The girl’s skirt looks awful short in this piece – is this supposed to be fanservice?

I’ll give this piece a 4. The outfits are very well done but the boy and girl are missing arms, which is a very big detail to miss when drawing humans. Quite the blunder.

Critique #3


First off, I notice that this artist signed their work. A good habit to have in this industry – signatures are an important asset to an artist’s works that can be very valuable to certain collectors. A few issues with this piece – first off, the girl looks confused. Simply put, her eyebrows are not aligned properly, and as a result, her face looks a little off. My only other issue here is that neither of the depicted persons are wearing shoes. Is the artist trying to convey something here?

A good attempt, but not good enough to be put up on the fridge. Keep trying and perhaps one day you’ll get there.

The Perfect Screencap


The perfect screencap from episode 3 was of Collette looking down at her locket in a very touching and emotional scene depicting her parents departing the country while she stayed behind. Notice the leaves falling all around her, and the excellent shadows cast upon her face and shoulder by her hat. The picture is filled with bright and warm colours, truly a touching memory. Finally, her smile says it all – this is the perfect screencap from the episode.

That’s all of the theme related elements of this post!

Quickly I’ll also mention that I thought this episode felt a little slower than episode 2. I liked how quickly Collette was introduced, and I like her eccentric character – but I also thought that the whole locket part of the episode went a little too long. Could have shortened it up a bit and still delivered all of the jokes with no problems.

The second half of the episode was a bit lacking in the humour department. It felt like the anime was a little too focused on Usami’s crush on Subaru, and so the whole drawing contest portion seemed a bit slow compared to the antics that we’ve seen so far. I liked seeing Usami’s friends again though, it’s nice to see more characters being brought into the anime.

Still a fun episode, but I will admit that I enjoyed episode 2 more.
I feel like the introduction of another character is great though and will help to make future episodes more enjoyable.

usami wave.jpg

This post was a lot of fun to write!
I was a bit disappointed at first that there wasn’t much in terms of art this time around, but I think I managed to write some good critiques! Plus I managed to capture the perfect screencap. I wonder if anyone else will end up using the same scene for their screencap?

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

4 thoughts on “This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 3 – Criticisms of Some of the Art + The Perfect Screencap!

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  2. The second painting: the subjects do have arms, they’re just by their sides (and thus not really visible). As much as it may have just been a coincidence that Mizuki and Subaru posed with their hands behind their backs, hands are hard to draw…

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  3. Collette’s locket was the best joke if you ask me. I loved the imagined scene of her parents leaving and such. The straw millionaire thing is just a really common plot, I didn’t mind that. If anything it is cliche, but it kind of made the joke land better in the end.

    Fun readin’ 🙂

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