Selecting A Best Girl

Lately I’ve been selecting best girls from the anime that I watch.
This harkens back to a time where I used to try and maintain a favourite female anime character, aka a waifu.

I remember when I started out watching anime, I used to think to myself “This girl will be my waifu”. And then I would promptly forget about them or move on.
(Sorry Kaname Chidori. At least I remember you, for what it’s worth).

This was a poor reflection on either my judgement, or my loyalty. It happened several times and I realized that waifus are just not for me. I was just selecting them for the sake of it, and so I stopped doing it completely. No more keeping a girl as my favourite, just in case I needed to drop that knowledge (I never did, not even once).


It’s sort of like how I maintain The Departed as my favourite movie, but in reality, I don’t really care much for movies at all, The Departed included. Fact is, I just don’t like movies (anime is an exception, but even then I’m reluctant to commit to anime movies). I just keep The Departed as my go-to option, in case it comes up in conversation at some point. Sometimes I actually forget that The Departed is my “favourite” movie,  bring up something else, and then later realize “oh, I forgot about The Departed“.

I think this could apply to a lot of things.

I don’t have a favourite colour either, because I don’t really care enough about it. I feel like how nice a colour looks is very dependant on what I am looking at. That said, I MAINTAIN a favourite colour, which is maroon. Why? I have a maroon sweater that I really like and wear all the time. So that’s just the colour that comes to mind.

I have trouble deciding upon a #1 favourite anime too.
Maybe I just have commitment issues!

Anyways, that’s why I stopped trying to choose and maintain a waifu.


And yet, despite all of this, I’ve been selecting best girls.
To me though it’s different.

A best girl is the best girl in the anime, which I see as different from a waifu. The best girl stays confined to the anime, no comparing across anime. I feel like it’s a fair compromise to do it this way – I still get the enjoyment of selecting a best girl, and I can then proceed to forget about their existence guilt-free. At the very least I will be more likely to remember them when I think of their respective anime.

Not every anime gets a best girl though, I still have to like one of the female characters enough to grant them that title. It may not be as flashy as selecting an ultimate waifu, but I’d like to think it’s worth something (to me at least).

How do I select a best girl?

No real rhyme or reason to it. I just find the girl that I liked the most, both in terms of character and appearance. I’d love to bring up some points as to what I look for, but I’ve noticed I contradict myself a lot with my choices for these things. Sometimes I’ll dislike a tsundere, and other times I’ll like them – both specifically due to their tsundere qualities. Depends on the anime and the competition I guess. Not every female character qualifies either. No best girls were found in How Not To Summon A Demon Lord, for example.

It’s one of those things where you just “know”, you know? Some female characters were just meant to be best girls in their respective anime. This is the philosophy I’ve decided to stick to. You all understand what I mean, I can tell. Even if you don’t prescribe to this specific mindset.

Vice Prez Kasumi (The first best girl).

As I mentioned, this is a recent thing.
The first time I selected a best girl in this way was in my Anime A to Z: K post about Kujibiki Unbalance (Kujiun). Vice Prez Kasumi was my first best girl, maintaining her status through both the Kujiun OVA and anime. Dignified and orderly in the OVA, untrustworthy and doubtful in the anime. In both situations, she was strong and good with the sword – a very cool character worthy of being a best girl.

Second was Mion from Higurashi, although I failed to mention it in my post, so you’ll just have to believe me here. I liked her more than Shion, because she seemed more straightforward and honourable, with how she maintained her position in the family and whatnot.

Third was Maki-chan from Love Live! School Idol Project. While I had my eye on her from early on, the scene where we find out that Maki still believes in Santa, and keeps her chimney clean so that he will visit every year, is what finalized my decision. Such innocence!

Fourth was Ila from Mahou Senshi Louie. She was actually the only redeemable factor of the anime, and proves that even mediocre anime can produce best girls.

Fifth and most recent was Nico from Valkyria Chronicles 4. Technically not an anime, but she is a best girl. A great scout that I trust to get the job done, other scouts just can’t compete with Nico.

I would actually like to grandfather in one last best girl, the girl who was also my last unofficial waifu in the capacity that I would use her whenever I needed a female character to menion – Yin from Darker Than Black. I’ve mentioned her a few times, and used her in a few tag posts. A definite best girl.


So that leaves me with 6 best girls so far.
I sort of just want to keep track, for fun.

That concludes this nonsensical post about fictional female characters and how I seemingly arbitrarily select some of them to be best girls, a meaningless title that essentially translates to my favourite female character in a given anime.

Things like this are what anime is all about.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

5 thoughts on “Selecting A Best Girl

  1. Best girl-picking is always fun, as long as (like most anything else) people aren’t taking it too seriously. “You just know” is pretty much the same for me most of the time. If a series gives me a best girl, I usually spot her pretty quick once her character is established. Like with Love Live I took an immediate liking to Honoka, and by the time she told Eli to shove off at the end of ep 3 her best girl status in my world was etched in stone. I’m watching Quintessential Quints this season, another show that encourages best girling, and I’m kinda looking forward to discovering which of the sisters I’ll be rooting for. It’s part of the fun of a show like that.

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  3. Whenever there is one I’ll too initiate my sixth sense, and select a best girl from a anime if there’s any to my liking. It sometimes feels like I’m getting put under a spell by the anime itself. Love Live for instance has a lot to pick from, but was difficult between Honoka, or Eli for me. In the end, I went with Honoka, she has the power to stop the rain! I do pick best girl frequently in whatever Shin Megami Tensei, or Persona game I’ve play. I’m a sucker for (almost) everything in those games.

    Oddly enough, I don’t think there has been a single harem I’ve seen where I chose a best girl. They gotta step up their game for me haha.

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    1. Honoka is a great character.
      You know, I never really had a preference in P3P when it came to the girls. I think Aegis was my favourite, if that even counts haha.
      Harems definitely can feel bland, with each girl usually being the embodiment of a different character trope.

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