This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 2 – Sometimes It’s the Small Things In Anime

After I had watched episode 2 I realized that maybe I shouldn’t have picked yet another theme that causes me to pay more attention to whats going on in the background.. but that’s what happened. So here we are, with some nice moments from episode 2.

You can find the episode 2 themes list here.
Consider joining in! It’s never too late and puts a fun twist on watching anime.

Sometimes it’s the small things in anime that make it great!

This look reminds me of a certain waitress from another anime…

SNAFU Guest Appearance

Did anyone else notice that Subaru had painted somoene from Yahari Ore no Seichun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru (SNAFU)?

2d waifu paintings.jpg

If you take a look at the painting on the right, it looks an awful lot like…

totsuka saika.jpg

Saika Totsuki!

Very cool. I’m glad I managed to catch something this time, as I was allowed to focus on all the small things and not just the room layout / furniture like last episode. Always fun to see references like this – I feel like I’ve accomplished something by noticing it.

These Two Girls

Attention to the background is an important aspect of anime!
These two girls are the perfect example.
See them in the background?

two girls.jpg

At first I was wondering what was going on outside that would cause them to stand at the window like that. So I watched them intently.

And then…

two girls 2.jpg

They left!
I guess whatever was going on wasn’t so interesting after all.

But doesn’t the hallway end back there? So really, they just decided to move their conversation away from the window, and instead face the wall. Why though? You’d think there would be more to look at out the window. Maybe they are waiting outside the classroom there for some reason, or one of them has a reason to be in the classroom and her friend is walking her there. What a nice friend if that’s the case.

The Clubroom Door

Sometimes it’s the small things.. and sometimes the small things can create some serious mystery. Pay attention to the door here.

clubroom door 1.jpg

Usami and Subaru enter the clubroom.
And then the next time the camera pans to the door:

clubroom door 2.jpg

The door closed!
As you can see, Subaru has not really moved. He actually took two steps away from the door and towards Usami. There was nothing to indicate that he actually closed the door. The real mystery isn’t the “murder” at all. It’s the door!

Maybe this is one of those “seven wonders of the school” sort of things?

My personal theory is that someone from the club next door came over and shut the door, because Usami was being loud. They are probably used to hearing Usami’s raised voice and do this quite often. The seven wonders usually are easily explained occurrences like this anyways.

Something Missing

During the lost child skit, we are brought to the past to watch a Subaru and Usami who didn’t really get along. Usami didn’t have a crush on Subaru yet either. But as you can see in this picture…

uasmi san.jpg

There are no rabbits!
Usami isn’t wearing her rabbit hairpin, and the calendar on the wall is different.

This makes sense, as you wouldn’t normally leave an outdated calendar on the wall, but part of me was hoping to see the rabbit calendar there. I’m beginning to wonder if something happens between Usami and Subaru that causes her to start liking rabbits. Or something in general that causes it. After all, we also see a stuffed rabbit in her bed.

And that’s all of the interesting things I noticed in episode 2.

Very briefly I will mention that I enjoyed episode 2 more than episode 1. I think having more gags worked better – it’s something I’m a fan of. Frequent & short gags / skits means that even if one doesn’t quite hit the mark it doesn’t drag on too long and the anime can move onto another gag / skit.

There were a lot of funny and cute moments in this episode!
Looking forward to episode 3 already.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

9 thoughts on “This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 2 – Sometimes It’s the Small Things In Anime

  1. I definitely enjoyed episode 2 more than episode 1 and I did pick up the SNAFU reference early in the episode. It was in the art room so I wasn’t supposed to be focusing on that but it made me wonder how many other paintings are actually references that I’m just missing.

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    1. Yeah it seems like this anime likes to hide things like this. Like the girl in the locker that I missed in episode 1. I’m glad the collab ended up with an anime that does these things, it’s pretty fun to catch them!

      Liked by 2 people

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      1. I just haven’t gotten around to it. My Amazon Prime is running up this month so right now I’m finishing shows like Re:Creators that they have exclusively before anything else. I’ll add it to the que for after though 🙂

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