Circlet Princess – Episode 1 Review

The second anime that I will be reviewing on an episodic basis for Winter 2019 is Circlet Princess. Just like with Pastel Memories, I’m going to go into this with an open mind and the determination to watch it till the end.

And so far it’s not bad.
More like it’s almost exactly what I had expected!

circlet princess announcer.jpg

The anime begins with Sasaki Yuuka (Yuuka from here on out), who is new to the city, wide-eyed and in awe of her surroundings. Somehow she manages to get lost and finds her way into an exhibition match against the number one… fighter? in a new sport called Circlet Bout.

Basically, society has become obsessed with holograms and holographic imagery, so Circlet Bout is a sport where two girls try to score as many hits as they can on the other with their holographic weapon – resulting in some intense 1 on 1 melee combat. That said, I’m almost certain that there will be that one character that uses a ranged weapon, like a rifle or musket or something like this. There always is that one character in anime that has to be different.

It hasn’t been stated whether the sport is exclusive to females or not so far, but I get the impression that it is. I wonder why though, because unlike the sport in Keijo!!!!!!!, this is a sport that men would probably love to partake in, even if it meant having separate men’s and women’s leagues. So while fan service is the real reason, I wonder what reason the anime will come up with.

circlet princess sasaki yuuka.jpg
Wow! A futuristic society full of hologr… they’re all ads!

After the exhibition match, we skip ahead in time a little bit to the girl attending a new school that seems to focus on sports, but currently lacks a club for Circlet Bout. Of course this will all change soon. Her two roommates seem keen on starting up a club and generating views online (for a reason yet to be explained), so when they find out that Yuuka is actually the one who fought against the number 1 fighter in Circlet Bout, I have a feeling they will jump on board with forming a Circlet Bout club pretty quick for the potential online fame tied to Yuuka and the sport.

That’s about all that happened in the episode.

I think it was a pretty standard episode. I wouldn’t say it amazed me or really impressed me, but it’s got enough of what I like that I think I’ll enjoy this series. I think of something like Asterisk Wars so far in relation to this series – nothing groundbreaking, but something that is still entertaining to me. Like with Pastel Memories, I actually think writing episodic reviews will make the series more enjoyable too.

circlet bout.jpg

One other topic I’d like to bring up is Yuuka. She’s the type that at face value appears to be clumsy / airheaded, and she might be. However, I tend to dislike characters like this that essentially walk all over the people around them while seeming to be ignorant / unaware.

The only reason she got into the exhibition match, which clearly will catapult her to fame later on (and sort of already has through online attention), is because she let the exhibition organizer think she was someone else. Instead of explaining she wasn’t the one who was supposed to participate, she stole the opportunity from another girl who probably worked hard and was looking forward to that moment. Even if that other girl wasn’t as skilled, she had every right to be there. I can’t imagine how awful it’d feel to find out that some other girl stole your spot and became famous because of it, after all the hard work you’d done in preparation. You can put some blame on the exhibition organizers, but part of the blame still lies with Yuuka I think – she even admits before the fight that she thought there was some sort of mistake.

So while I think that Yuuka is very cute, and has some qualities that can work well for a main character, I dislike things like this where the main character just gets a free pass all the time. She’s also done some minor things like hold up people on a train to talk to herself and impose on (I think) the student council president because she didn’t like hearing that the school doesn’t have a Circlet Bout club. Basically, this girl pretends to be unaware of her surroundings while stepping on people around her – that’s sort of the impression I get so far.

Maybe things will change in this regard.

sasaki yuuka.jpg
Let’s be honest though… Yuuka could probably get away with murder with that face.

To be fair, it’s not like I was watching the episode and seething every time Yuuka was on screen. She is just too cute. The main character free pass is just something that I couldn’t help but notice here. Maybe I just want to stick up for the background characters every once in a while!

Overall I enjoyed the episode. Circlet Princess jumped right into the action and has already set itself up for a good second episode where we get to learn more about the school and meet some new characters, which is exactly what I think will happen. I am looking forward to it, as I enjoy introductory episodes like that.

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

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