This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 1 – Some Humble Suggestions To Spruce Up The School’s Image.

I’m going to cut to the chase here.

This school is in serious trouble.

Judging from what I’ve seen so far, it’s a miracle that this school receives any applications at all from perspective students. Perhaps the school gets by thanks to the lazy ones who don’t actually tour the school before applying, because one glance at the drab environment is enough to drain any real academic aspirations. I bet the school doesn’t even have an entrance exam.

Let’s begin with the exterior:


Feeling inspired yet? Neither am I.

Where are the cherry blossoms?
Where’s the rest of the campus?
Is this all the school has to offer?

If I’ve learned one thing from anime, it’s that high schools at the very least should have a gymnasium, dojo, pool, track, and an old school building. Dorms and other cultural / club buildings are also appreciated. The school does manage to have a soccer field at least.

Unfortunately, we are stuck with a school that looks akin to a prison.
Notice how there is no foot traffic in the above picture? That’s because all of the students are too embarrassed to show their faces outside.
I bet that’s why they call this school “the prison”.

Some serious improvements are needed here.

First off, we need more buildings. Does this school seriously not have an old school building? Where are students supposed to explore at night on a dare? Where will the school get it’s rumours of ghosts and supernatural activity from? These things are integral to attracting new students.

My proposed solution is to turn the building in the above picture into the old school building, and construct a brand new high school next to it. More glass and modern architecture is a must. A longer walkway to the entrance of the school is also required, it’s where most students meet each other for the first time. I’d also like to see a gate out front so that either a teacher or the student council can stand guard to enforce uniform policy and catch late students. It’s important that students follow the rules. Delinquents will only serve to tarnish the school’s image.

Moving on.

The hallways:

drab hallway.jpg

First I’ll point out that the lack of lighting is a safety hazard. I know they call this place the prison, but a few lights would go a long way towards dispelling that image. Loose boxes in the hallway are also a tripping hazard. You’d almost think that no one sets foot in this hallway – and you might be right about that.

The walls are a drab colour as well. There’s a poster on the wall below the windows, but we can’t actually see what it’s all about because there are no lights in this hallway. I bet it says something prison-like.

A close up on the bulletin board:

bulletin board.jpg

I was surprised to see this much material on the bulletin board, but then I realized that most of it has probably been pinned up there for many years. I bet coloured ink goes for a premium at this school that seems to keep a very tight budget. The students probably have to print these things at home and bring them in.

I’m going to be honest here. These hallways would make for perfect old school building hallways. So they really could just keep them as is and build a new school building. If I had to make suggestions though, I would suggest starting with some proper lighting and cleaning the hallway of loose objects. I think the ideal hallway is clean and orderly, but also has vibrant colours in specified areas (the bulletin boards, primarily). Posters require faculty / student council permission before going up. Let’s get see order and organization in these hallways.

Finally, a clubroom:


Pay no attention to the delinquent in the center of the image, who is clearly violating the school’s uniform policy.

To be honest, this clubroom isn’t so bad. The space leaves room for a lot of potential. A wide variety of clubs could use this space very well. Some shelves for storing club related material (although we will never actually witness anyone taking anything from them), some nice big windows to allow the light in (electric lights are a premium commodity in this school), and a comfortable looking couch that creates a relaxed atmosphere.

My suggestion for this room is to consider moving the couch, as it’s currently blocking the chalkboard on the wall. Alternatively, the chalkboard could be taken down as that wallspace would look great with some club related posters / art.

This clubroom is severly lacking personality. If it wasn’t for the delinquent painting in the center of the image (where did he get that expensive paint anyways? I’m sure the school didn’t pay for it!), I would have no idea which club this room belonged to. What kind of art club doesn’t display any art in it’s clubroom? Every square inch of wallspace should have paintings on display. What if a perspective artist was thinking about attending this school? Their mind would quickly change once seeing the state of the art club’s clubroom.

inspiring dream.jpg
Finally something cultured!

It’s unfortunate, but I can see how this school has earned it’s infamous reputation as a prison. A little bit of investment in a new school building, and more effort towards a professional but fun image can be achieved. The idea is to create a modern school that looks orderly but also very spirited.

A clean and pristine environment of sharp colours, such as white, creates the professional look while colourful bulletin boards and posters show that the school has spirit through active clubs and club activities. I’d like to see more life in the hallways, more banners, more achievements. Clubrooms should be personalized to the club!
Let’s see some school spirit!

I hope that the school’s board of directors reads and considers my suggestions, as the school is not quite beyond saving.

Consider my advice free of charge.

You’re welcome.

This concludes my collab post for episode 1 of This Art Club Has A Problem!.
It was pretty fun to focus on the school itself, and sort of ignore the characters and whatnot. You have to admit this school is pretty drab!

Anyways I hope you enjoyed my suggestions to spruce up the school’s image.
Check out the episode 1 themes list for an ongoing list of posts by other participants in this collab, and consider joining in if you aren’t already taking part!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading!

11 thoughts on “This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 1 – Some Humble Suggestions To Spruce Up The School’s Image.

  1. The lack of art displayed in the art room is actually kind of an issue. You are right in that there wouldn’t be an art club that didn’t have finished works and works in progress scattered about the room and hung on every available surface.

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