Yomu Reviews Gabrily’s Review of Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara

Welcome back, everyone.

It’s just about time for another review review.
I was planning on writing this a few weeks ago, but I never got around to it… every three weeks or so seems to end up being about how long I usually go between review reviews anyways I guess!

This will be my second review of a MAL review.
You can find the last MAL review review here.

Pictured: Yomu the Anime Review Reviewer.

Today I will be reviewing Gabrily’s review of Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara, an anime I’ve never actually seen – perhaps this review will enlighten me?

As always, I’ve obtained permission from this exciting new reviewer in the anime scene:

gabrilyresponse.jpgA very heartfelt response. Love it.

My second MyAnimeList review review will be of Gabrily’s second review. Funny how it worked out that way!

Now let’s move onto the review review – I’m trying to shorten these posts up, so no more time to waste! The review:

gabrily.jpgClick on the picture to see a larger version, or follow this link to view the review on Gabrily’s MAL profile.

To start, I will mention that unlike our previous MAL review review, this author decided to go with an informal review structure instead of the typical MAL reviews we see that categorize and score sound, animation, characters, plot, etc. This isn’t inherently good or bad, but it’s just what I’ve noticed with MAL reviews – they generally fall into either the “structured” or “unstructured” category.

The review begins with a strong statement: Find people who bring color into your life!. Considering that MAL reviews don’t have titles, this is probably the best way to start your review with a bang. What an excellent sentence!

The introduction continues: If you’re looking for a very emotional anime filled with bittersweetness and beautiful art, you just found the perfect one!. Another excellent sentence. Brilliant really. These two sentences together manage to pull the reader in and effectively summarize the author’s thoughts on the anime. I could walk away from the review right now and still leave satisfied that I learned something.

Moving on, we get two short paragraphs filled with the author’s personal thoughts. The art makes her want to cry (in a good way, wanting to cry at visuals could go either way!), she found the anime incredibly enjoyable and she doesn’t want it to end. She lists some of the themes that you will find in the anime, such as love, friendship, etc.

Gabrily then remarks that she sounds cringe, but I disagree. One thing that I think you will find should you continue to write reviews on MAL is that we all have the same thing in common: we love anime! We review good anime, average anime, bad anime, all because we love anime. When I’m writing about an anime I loved, part of me just wants to write: “I love this anime!!!!!!!!!!“. So while you might think that the way you are writing is cringe, it’s actually very relatable. Trust me when I say that even with the most professional / formal reviews, the reviewer is probably feeling the same way, they just don’t write it like that.

Considering this is an informal review style, expressing your love for the anime like this is great. Readers can really see how much you enjoyed the anime.


In the next paragraph, the author gives a brief synopsis of the anime, by writing about the main character, Hitomi. Thinking about it, I quite like the placement of this. Normally I see the synopsis early on in a review, usually taking the place of an introduction. Here we have the synopsis in the body of the review, and I feel like it fits very well.

My curiosity is piqued with the two introductory sentences.
My attention is gained with the author’s strong feelings towards the anime.
And then I am provided with a short synopsis, at the moment where I feel like I am most interested in the anime.

Gabrily wraps the review up by stating that she is not ready to watch the end of the anime. We finish with a call to action: watch the anime, and cry with the author (in a good way, although it’d be funny to see a review ask readers to watch a horrible anime and cry over it!). I like the call to action at the end.

A very nice review.

Final Impressions & Rating

For your second ever review, I think you are right on track to become an excellent reviewer. I’m not the only one who thinks so too! Aside from myself, 40 other people found your review helpful! In fact, if your review wasn’t in “preliminary” status, your review would be one of the top 4 reviews for Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara on MyAnimeList at the moment I am writing this! Maybe you should complete those final 4 episodes.

Areas for Improvement:

  • When writing in an informal style like this, don’t worry about seeming embarrassing! I guarantee you that some of the people reading your review feel the exact same way – and the ones that don’t will still be able to see your passion.
  • While I think it’s easy to understand that you wanted to cry because of how much you loved the anime, just be careful when writing this because this can easily be misinterpreted to “this was so awful I want to cry”.
  • Only 9 of 13 episodes seen means that either you haven’t finished the anime, or you have forgotten to update the last 4 completed episodes. I think that writing reviews for ongoing anime is great, but just keep in mind that anyone who reads your glowing review and sees you stopped partway through might question whether you enjoyed it as much as you said you did. To be fair though, the anime just finished airing today, so I guess just keep this in mind for future reviews.

Areas that show promise:

  • Your first two introductory sentences were amazing. I would definitely keep this introduction in mind when writing future reviews, because those two sentences do an excellent job of pulling readers into the review.
  • I loved that you put your synopsis of Hitomi / the story later on in the review, after you had expressed your love for the anime. I’m not sure if this was intentional, or if you were just trying to write about Hitomi and it ended up looking like a synopsis, but I liked it – because at that moment in the review I was already curious / interested in what the anime was about. I did not even know what the anime was about before I read your review, but you caught my interest here.
  • I liked the last sentence in your review: Beautiful anime, please watch it and cry with me. It not only calls the reader to action, asking them to watch the anime, but it also sums up your feelings towards the anime – “it’s so beautiful it makes me cry”. I like how you ask readers to cry with you, essentially asking them to enjoy the anime’s beauty with you.

I’m going to give Gabrily’s review of Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara a 8.5 / 10. The review managed to get me to add this anime to my to-watch list!

My words to the author are that I enjoyed the informal style of your review. Many reviews on MAL use a structured / categorical style, but I think that the way you write works best in an informal style like the one you used for this review. I hope that you continue to write reviews where you provide your personal feelings and opinions like you did in this one. I look forward to them!

This concludes my review of Gabrily’s review of Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara.


Thank you Gabrily for letting me review your review.
If you keep this up, I think you could end up with many top 4 reviews on MAL!

Hopefully everyone enjoyed reading this. If you enjoyed Gabrily’s review, I’m sure she would appreciate if you went and marked it as helpful on MAL.

If there is one thing I am learning with these review reviews, it’s that there are so many different ways to write a great review.

I’d also love some comments for testimonials in the next review review, if anyone would be happy to oblige I’d appreciate it!

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Yomu Reviews Gabrily’s Review of Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara

  1. wow, a review of a review. that’s pretty brilliant. though when you said MAL reviews, I was hoping you’d pick the toxic ones. Seen the SAO ones? xD
    I like this. you’re pretty encouraging and nice. maybe too nice since you personally interacted with the author, but that’s just my review of your review of the review.
    and yes, there are different ways to review. finding the one that suits you is key.
    also yes, the cringe. never shy away from it. i never did 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I’m going to try to review a variety of reviews, long to short, good to bad, but I don’t want to call anyone or their work out without their permission first, so it’s more of a constructive thing.
      Started out as a joke a while back and ended up being like this. I love it though because it helps me with my own writing too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. constructive reviews are more helpful. you should at least read on retard review in MAL though, prolly about SAO. that anime has a lot of haters. hahaha
        but this is a fun project. keep it up!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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