My Great Collab Idea – What it is, and how YOU can participate! (A WordPress Aniblogger Collaboration!)

I’ll preface this post with a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!

Lately I’ve been mentioning that I have been itching to start a collab with someone, because I have what I believe to be a fun idea for a collaboration. Last post that I mentioned this I got quite a bit of positive responses!

So first, a big thank you to everyone who expressed interest.
There were enough of you that I decided to expand this idea into something that any number of people can participate in – a great WordPress Aniblogger Collaboration!


A tiny bit of background on this idea.
I wanted to start a collaboration where a group of people watch the same anime, same episodes, but all provide wildly different perspectives.

How can we accomplish this? Through themes that we will all choose on a per-episode basis. The idea is that for each individual episode, you will be watching the episode through the lens of your theme. For example, if your theme is “weather“, you are going to be focusing on the weather and how it plays (or doesn’t play) a role in the episode – meanwhile someone else could have a theme of “character emotional responses” and end up with a very different perspective.

Some themes will be broad, others specific. Some will be comedic, others more serious. Going to try and get a wide variety of themes that will provide a wide variety of perspectives. I have some good ones planned.

Essentially, each week, we will all be posting our thoughts on the same episode from the same anime – but we will all likely have very different thoughts and ideas because we are focusing on different aspects of the anime.

I feel like it would be a lot of fun to watch the same anime as all of you, and be able to read everyone’s thoughts on each episode – while also seeing how themes cause different thoughts to form.

Does this sound fun / interesting to you all?


Here is how the rough logistics of the collab would work:

  1. I will write a post in the new year to kick off the collab. In this post, I will mention the anime that we will all be watching, and provide a list of themes to choose from for episode 1. I will try to include a mix of themes, from broad to specific, comedic to serious.
  2. Participants can then choose a theme that will be their focus for episode 1 (myself included). Can mention in the comments what you are choosing, or just keep it to yourself – up to you.
  3. We all watch episode 1, with our chosen themes in mind. The point is to be very focused on aspects of the episode that are related to your theme.
  4. We all write a post for episode 1 on our own blogs, noting the theme we chose and our thoughts on the episode with our theme in mind. (How you structure your post is completely up to you. You can write whatever you want, just make sure to also write about your theme and it’s relation to the episode). The more in-depth you can go with your theme-related thoughts, the better, because the point in this collab is to create a wide variety of viewpoints on the same episode.
  5. Make sure to tag my post listing episode 1 themes so we can all see each other’s posts! I will also update the post with a list of all the participating posts.
  6. A week from the episode 1 themes post, I will create another post for episode 2 with new themes (and maybe keep some old ones as well) and we will do it all again, only this time you would be tagging the episode 2 theme post with your episode 2 post. As the anime progresses I will be able to come up with more specific themes based on details from the anime. Also, I figure keeping all of the tags on episode specific posts for each episode would make it easier to keep track. This will continue until we finish the anime on a weekly basis.
  7. After we have finished the anime, I will create a final post with a list of everyone’s posts & the themes they chose for each episode.

Hopefully that’s not too complicated. I wanted to make a collab that would allow everyone to post from their own blogs, allow for a lot of interaction, and create a variety of different perspectives.

Now, the final piece of the puzzle is the anime itself. I’m going to provide my two potential picks for the collab, and I’d like to hear which one you’d all prefer.

  1. This Art Club Has a Problem! is my #1 pick for this collab.
  2. True Tears is my #2 pick for the collab.

I chose these two because they are both average rated school anime that probably both have their share of enjoyable moments and issues. School anime to me sort of has this “essence” of anime to it – it’s so common that I feel like we all have seen our fair share of school anime. This would probably make it easier for us all to focus on our chosen themes, and would also make it easier for me to come up with potential themes for everyone to use.

Main reason I put This Art Club Has a Problem! over True Tears is because it’s a comedy which I feel like might be better for the collab – more lighthearted content. That being said, there is definitely some merit to the collab using a drama anime, because that may open the doors to more analysis…

Let me know your thoughts on which anime you think would be more fun to use!


So that’s my big collab idea! I wanted to make something that we can all participate in, but in a way that allows us all to provide different viewpoints on the same content – all from the comfort of our own blogs.

Going to tag the folks who expressed some interest in a collab from my last post:

Also going to tag Average Joe Reviews, Will Sirius,Β  Jenn, Lynn, and Karandi.

I’d love for all of you to join in on this, if you have the time!
Sorry to hit you with a pingback if you aren’t interested!

And of course, everyone is welcome!
Anyone reading this is welcome to participate!


I’ll gauge interest on this post, and we can go from there.
I’m going to put a tentative date of January 7, 2019 as the kickoff date for the collab.

Please leave a comment if you would be interested in participating, and which anime you’d prefer to watch for the collab. I’ve never seen either of the two, and I’d like for us to watch an anime that most of us have not yet seen.

Also let me know if you have any questions.

I’m also taking suggestions for theme ideas. A few examples of what I have thought of are things like: weather, liquids, glasses-wearing characters, Japanese culture, use of colour (or a specific colour), specific character related themes, etc… I also have some creative theme ideas that I want to keep a surprise.

That’s all for this post!
Looking forward to all of your thoughts – this could be a very fun way to kick off 2019 in the WordPress Aniblogging community!

Thanks for reading!

38 thoughts on “My Great Collab Idea – What it is, and how YOU can participate! (A WordPress Aniblogger Collaboration!)

    1. All up to you. If you only want to do certain episodes you can, you can also wait and do a bunch at once if you’d like. Definitely don’t want the weekly limit to seem like a strict rule – I’ll post themes for each episode on a weekly basis and then everyone can work around that however works best for them.


  1. I’ve seen a touch of Art Club, that seems like a decent pick. I don’t know anything about True Tears. Either way, I should be good since it isn’t a seasonal since I do most my watching on weekends. Need be, can pull up the ol’ Crunchy account and suffer the ads with slow internet XD

    So if you are ok with me maybe lagging behind a bit (at worst), no problems here!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s fine! I wanted to make this a loose “collab” on all of our own blogs so that people can take their time and still write in their own way. I should have emphasized this in the post better though!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooohhh!! Thank you for the tag!! I’ll definitely join this collab. It’s really interesting and a great idea.
    Hhhhmmm…I had seen the Art club anime when it aired few years ago, though I do want to rewatch it. But I’ll ultimately choose True Tears cuz I haven’t seen that yet. πŸ™‚
    I can’t really say when I could start, I still need to finalize my IRL work schedule. Once its all sorted out, I can immediately start πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The collab idea sounds fun. Haven’t seen either show since both shows don’t really cater to my tastes, but just knowing my preferences, I’d vote for the art club anime. Now, if I could finish before late April (which is /supposedly/ when this trip to Japan will happen), I would be set…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That sounds exciting. I’m hoping to go to Japan sometime later on in 2019.

      I’m thinking it will finish before late April with 1 episode per week, but of course you can post on your own time too.


  4. WhoAmI?

    I don’t really mind which anime we choose, but I was wondering if we could do a seasonal anime? That would meet the requirements that nobody has seen it. As well the Winter 2019 lineup is looking really good so far.
    If nobody here has read the source material for Sheild Hero, the anime seems to belong to a variety of genres.
    Or if we want a school one, there’s Kaguya-sama.
    Revisions also looks like it will be really cool.
    Anyways, just some thoughts. I will definitely try to participate!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hear ya, I’m going to be watching some seasonal anime for Winter 2019 too.

      Issues are that a lot of people have their own schedules / styles for seasonal anime that I wouldn’t want this collab to disrupt, and there are a lot of people who don’t watch seasonal anime and binge anime instead.

      Thanks for your thoughts though, and I’m happy to hear you are interested!


  5. OOOH, yeah I am for sure down! I’ve never heard of This Art Club Has Problems, so I would be down for that since it would be a true blind watch! True Tears has been on my to-watch list forever, too, though, so either one would be cool! This is a really awesome collab idea πŸ˜€ it would be a good motivator for me to read & write more, too, hahaha!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. That sounds like fun and I would love to be added to this! It’s my last semester of my final year at uni, so I’d probably be a little busy. An episode a week should be pretty manageable though. Can I pick a very specific theme and keep my posts on the shorter side?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Great! How much or little you write is all up to you, I’ll be sure to include specific themes each week. As the anime progresses it will be easier for me to create character / situation specific themes too.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. If every week ain’t a requirement I think I could participate. I enjoyed doing 12 Days of Anime on a whim, and brainstorming around ideas. Wouldn’t mind doing something similar challenge for fun again. I would be fine with either anime that ends up getting chose, but I’ll give my vote to True Tears. Drama I feel are harder to cover, as well as open up other potential talking points. With comedy not quite as much.

    Liked by 1 person

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