Confessions of an anime blog.

There are some things I need to get off my chest. Why I don’t exactly know. Maybe I secretly want you all to convince me otherwise of my opinions, like when I was convinced to watch Made in Abyss and ended up enjoying it.

Nothing like getting a second opinion right?


5. I’ve been putting off watching Cowboy Bebop for a long time, for a stupid reason.

As the header suggests, I’ve known about Cowboy Bebop for a very long time. I knew about it around when I first started watching anime. The thing is, several people began bugging me about watching it once they found out I enjoyed anime. And so, in childish fashion, I’ve just refused to watch it ever since.

It’s sort of like how people at one of my old jobs were constantly going on and on about Game of Thrones. A very common conversation starter was “Do you watch Game of Thrones?” and if you didn’t, you would get the “You don’t watch Game of Thrones?! You’re missing out!!” – which may push you to never want to actually watch Game of Thrones, even if it is good. Just to spite them, and be able to say you don’t watch Game of Thrones when the topic comes up.

So yeah, that’s sort of how it is for me and Cowboy Bebop. I’m sure it’s a great anime, but it’s been locked in my mind as that anime that part of me refuses to watch because people were too pushy about it a long time ago. Stupid right?

I sure showed them, by purposely depriving myself of the enjoyment of watching a great anime!

What anime shall I intentionally abstain from next….!

4. I’m allergic to cats.

Figured I’d throw this in here. It’s not anime related, but it sure is a struggle.
Admiring cats from a distance is a test of self control in itself!
In a way, this makes me admire anime cats that much more.

2D cats > 3D cats?

3. I started out watching primarily ecchi anime. Now I have trouble finishing one!

This one is like some sort of internal conflict. After my first few months of watching anime, I became hooked on ecchi / harem anime. I would jump from anime to anime using the recommended anime section on MAL. I’ve seen Ikkitousen, Highschool DxD, Shinmai Maou no Testament, and countless others. Hell, I even watched both seasons of Seikon no Qwaser, which feels like a confession in itself.

I really enjoyed watching these kinds of anime!

The problem now is that while I actually want to just sit back and enjoy an ecchi anime, I have trouble enjoying it. Whether it’s due to cliches or just over the top fan service, I have trouble finishing an ecchi anime. The protagonists in these sort of anime in particular I tend to dislike – the indecisive harem protagonists.


I guess I’m writing this out because while I have trouble enjoying ecchi anime now, part of me still wants to enjoy them like I used to. A while back I tried to rewatch Highschool DxD, which I love for the setting / story alone, and couldn’t get through the first season.

It’s weird how something like this can happen! I’m going to keep trying out ecchi anime here and there, but I’ve found that I’m more than content with just cool / cute female characters in anime, minus all the fan service.

Anyone have a recommendation for a good ecchi / harem anime? I’ve seen a lot of them, so maybe something newer. Is the newest season of Highschool DxD any good?

2. I can’t stand dubs.

I’ve mentioned this before, so it’s not a secret confession. I hate dubs. I can’t watch anime that is dubbed in English. I can’t even play certain games dubbed in english – if it has a Japanese VA option, I pretty much have to use it. Listening to English voices over animated characters just sounds abnormal to me now.

Of course, I started watching dubbed anime, just like most people I’m sure. I remember really liking the dubs for Fairy Tail, but then when they ended, I had no choice but to listen to subs. I was stubborn about the switch at first, but now here I am stubborn to even consider switching back. It amazes me that people can go back and forth without issue!

Fun fact! My first subbed anime ever was Seitokai no Ichizon.

My face on English dubs.

1. I dropped 3-gatsu no Lion / March Comes in Like a Lion on the first episode

Whenever I browse the seinen or slice of life tag on MAL, sorted by score, 3-gatsu no Lion is always there at the top looking right at me. I’ve read so many good things about it, and I’m sure the ratings don’t lie; but I dropped it on the first episode.

I watched maybe 75% of the first episode before shutting it down. How could this be?

Honestly, I didn’t like the animation. I’ve mentioned in the past that animation typically doesn’t bother me or affect my impression of an anime, and I’d like to believe this is still true – yet 3-gatsu no Lion I just couldn’t get into the animation. To be more specific, I didn’t like the character faces.

Writing this out it seems petty, but I’ll stand by my past opinions for now. The girls didn’t seem cute (which is important!), and the main character’s face just looked odd to me. He does that frowny face that just looks weird, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an anime character make a face like that.

And that’s pretty much why I dropped the anime. I was just too fixated on the animation / character faces that I couldn’t get into the actual story!

When I realize I watched more episodes of Devilman Crybaby than 3-gatsu no Lion…

And that’s all the confessions I’ve got!
If anyone is feeling generous to confess in the comments, feel free.
Also feel free to steal this post idea (definitely not interested in anyone else’s anime secrets…)!

I’m currently finishing up Love Live! School Idol Project S2.
I’ve got a few tag posts to write, and something else in the works!

Want one of your reviews reviewed or to work on a collab with me?
Let me know in the comments or on Discord (Yomu#2764)!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

33 thoughts on “Confessions of an anime blog.

  1. Alexie the Great

    I’m with you on #5, #2, and #1…for almost the exact same reasons you listed. Odd, but true. I get bugged about never having seen Cowboy Bebop often, and it’s actually put me off to it! Oh well, I guess? March Comes in Like a Lion was a bit too slow for me, and the animation/artwork bothered me.
    Confessions of Alexie…hahaha

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  2. San-gatsu looks like washed out chalk to me… I swear I’ll watch it one of these days, but it really isn’t Studio Shaft’s best look!
    A confession from me would be that I used to really hate any “sexy stuff” in anything that I watched! Boobs, butts, nudity- I would instantly get annoyed with the series and rate it poorly! Now, I realize that you can tell a really good story with sex and people’s attitude about it!
    Three cheers for Monogatari!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Washed out chalk is the PERFECT way to describe it haha!
      And that’s totally fair tbh. When I used to watch ecchi anime, my impression was basically that anime itself was a casual medium for these sort of things and so I never really had any issues with it – but now that I’ve watched so many great stories and seen what anime is capable of, it’s definitely more difficult for me to watch something heavy with fan service.

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  4. Lina

    I’m like you when it comes to people nagging me about what I should watch. I stubbornly refuse. So I haven’t watched CB either. Over all over hyped anime is something I stay away from. I doubt I will watch fruits basket for example.

    I also love anime cats. Somehow they always steals the show no matter in what setting they are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow! I didn’t expect two other people to be in the same basket, but maybe I shouldn’t be surprised because it probably does happen a lot with over hyped anime. I bet most people have at least one over hyped anime that they won’t watch for similar reasons.

      Agreed. Mao was one of my favourite characters in Darker than Black!

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  5. darkdaemonpk2

    Not all dubs in English are bad. I kinda like the English dub of Vision of Escaflowne, Gun Sword, and Girls Bravo(just to name a few). Some dubs in Japanese are just plain bad (I’m looking at you R-15) but I guess it just boils down to your own preference.

    I’ve been watching ecchi anime for a decade now and I must admit, I’ve mostly lost interest on it.

    My old man has a vendetta against cats so I can’t own a real cat so cat girls will suffice. And one more thing, just watch the shows you want and not through pressure with your peers. Just watch what your really want.

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    1. I’m sure you are right, my brain has just been hardwired to associate the Japanese language with anime at this point. But to be fair, there are some older anime where the Japanese voice acting didn’t impress me.

      Cat girls are a nice option for sure. I wonder if I would be allergic to them too.
      Yeah you’re right – my issue I guess is that I wrote off Cowboy Bebop so long ago, that I just have no desire to watch it, even if I acknowledge the initial reasons for not watching it are stupid. I appreciate the advice though, and lately I’ve been branching out a bit in what I watch which has been working well!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. WhoAmI?

    I started Cowbot Bebop a year and a half ago and it took me over a year to get through it. You’re not missing much in my opinion, but certain episodes were really good.

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  7. I’m allergic to cats too, but while anime cats can be cute, they just don’t know how to purr. It bugs me. “Nya nya nya”? Even I can purr better than that. I can purr excellently, in fact. And dogs that go “wan wan wan”…
    And I totally agree with #2.


    1. I can see “nyaa” vs. “meow”, but “wan wan wan”? You’re right, I don’t buy it. Something is wrong there. Also that’s an interesting quality to boast about haha!
      Not gonna lie, I was thinking of Mao from Darker than Black as the model anime cat. So no purring really.

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  8. High School DxD season 4 is a great season, but it suffers from having to fix some of the mistakes of the third. The second half though, the Issei centric stuff is some of the best harem storytelling I’ve seen in the genre yet. His self-reflection and conversation with the girls is a rare moment in a harem series. I’d give it a look.

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  9. my confession is that I’ve barely seen any Sailor Moon….everyone around me is super into it, and I know there’s certain seasons that would be really up my alley but……..idk, I don’t wanna! it’s so big!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep I get that for sure. I haven’t seen it either, and I keep seeing people mention it here and there. I’m sure it’s great, but it always takes some serious commitment to start these long anime!

      Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is also like that for me, I want to watch it, but there’s so much there. I already watched Legend of the Galactic Heroes recently, I need a break from these long anime!


  10. If it’s a popular live action series I likely haven’t seen it. Mostly because long running series tend to lose their luster over time. I use to get bugged by friends to watch Game of Thrones, and The Walking Dead. Now, I hardly hear any conversation about them. Only time I would consider not watching something if its popular is in anime since it’s a split thing for me.

    I could switch between dubs, and subs pretty easily. This is because as a kid I saw a lot of Jackie Chan movie dub, and sub so it never bothered me when I watched anime in any language. Sometimes the Japanese is better like with My Hero Academia since the English voice for Deku is annoying, and sometimes I prefer the English voices like with FMA which I always dub.

    Echhi anime I’m not sure about since I don’t see them frequently. If I have, they don’t stick in my mind very long. Other than High School DXD, I can’t recall much from the other ones. March Comes in Like a Lion season 1 is a pretty hard sell since the MC has plenty of woe is me dialogue. There’s also too many characters so some of them get forgotten about for a while before returning to have little impact on the story. The direction of the series is fantastic, especially for visual allegories, but the sad part is they don’t happen often. Season 2 is better overall, but sad part is you have to watch the hit, and miss season 1 unfortunately.

    My confessions I guess would be I absolutely hate My Hero Academia. I just can’t stand it XD. Season 1, ugh, I would put in my top 10 worst animes I’ve seen. Another one would be I avoid sports anime in general for being too samey to one another. Unless it’s boxing, sports anime I don’t bother with, but will watch every once in a while just because I don’t avoid an entire genre worth of anime. Last confession would be I keep putting off animes on my Plan To Watch list on MAL. I have stuff like Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and Rose of Versailles that I’ve been wanting to watch for years, but keep putting them off something I haven’t heard off. One of the joys, and pitfalls of having a spontaneous method of just watching anime.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I haven’t touched anything live action (including movies) for many years now. I just enjoy anime too much and don’t feel any desire to sink time into live action shows / movies.

      I’m going to rewatch Highschool of the Dead soon, so I’ll see how I handle the ecchi soon enough.

      3-gatsu no Lion is looking just like a no-watch for me. Appreciate the info about S1 vs S2.

      I knew you had issues with Boku no Hero, but didn’t realize you’d rate it that low haha.
      I actually don’t enjoy sports anime at all, and I agree they all feel way too similar.
      Understandable, it’s hard to commit to longer anime I find. Legend of the Galactic Heroes is worth the watch for sure, but it requires that small leap of faith – you have to watch the first 2-3 episodes to decide if its for you.

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  11. Cowboy Bebop I’ve seen…*looks at list* 1 episode of…it’s just dying in my list because that’s what happens to all shows – I prioritise, then prioritise some more, leaving shows behind in the process of finishing others. Due to licensing dilemmas, I lose the ability to watch some of these backlog shows as legally as I possibly could (because I put simulcasts pretty high on the list, then focus on one or two backlog anime at a time…aside from when I’m in a certain mood for something).

    I’m not entirely opposed to dubs, as I grew up listening to dubs in two languages (3 if you count two Chinese dialects separately). However, generally (in the most common case of a release in English) if I have the Japanese voice/English sub option, I’ll stick to it, with the exception of sampling the English dub for a few minutes to hear the discrepancy between voices.

    Haven’t watched 3-gatsu yet – it’s languishing on my PTW. However, I did watch Eden of the East recently (both series’ character designs were done by Chica Umino, so I don’t think you’ll like it).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have trouble watching Chinese subbed anime for similar reasons as English, it just doesn’t sound right to me.

      I think I was actually looking at Eden of the East at one point, but never ended up watching it. If it uses that same chalk / pastel art style I probably wouldn’t be a fan of that though.


  12. You stated — “I’ve mentioned this before, so it’s not a secret confession. I hate dubs. I can’t watch anime that is dubbed in English. I can’t even play certain games dubbed in english – if it has a Japanese VA option, I pretty much have to use it. Listening to English voices over animated characters just sounds abnormal to me now.”

    My response — I’m the opposite. I only liked dubbed. I can sometimes watch CC but dubbed is best. I would watch more anime if more of it were dubbed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to hold that opinion when I started watching anime. I would only watched dubbed anime, period. Hated reading subtitles and whatnot. Seitokai no Ichizon just sounded good enough to me subbed that I began to become more open to subbed anime. I don’t even notice subtitles anymore even though I read them constantly.

      Everyone seems to have their own preferred thing. Some people like both and switch back and forth all the time, which seems crazy to me!

      Liked by 1 person

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  14. For the record, I love made in abyss and cowboy bebop was one of my first anime’s so that show also holds as special place in my heart! Also….subs ftw, always everything! Usually….unless it’s cowboy bebop….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s fair, at this point I wouldn’t be able to watch subbed dragonball Z, if I were ever to watch it.
      I liked Made in Abyss but I was more interested in the abyss itself than the actual main characters. Looking forward to what the second season brings us though!

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