Sunday Blog Post

Hello again everyone!

I’ve got a few scattered topics I wanted to write about, so I figured it’s time for another blog post.

And that’s the introduction. Let’s get right into it!


Yura Hatsuki

As you may have noticed from my last blog post, I love this Japanese artist named Yura Hatsuki. I stumbled upon her works on YouTube, and now I’m hooked. YouTube has been suggesting me many of her songs, and I enjoy most of them.

The song I’d like to share this time around is this:

The intro to the song reminds me of a video game soundtrack, being in a medieval castle or something like this. Something you’d find in a 2D RPG or something maybe. I think it’s pretty neat.

The verses sound like something you would hear in Kingdom Hearts, or a similar title. I just picture an Alice in Wonderland-esque environment, with the way the verses have that xylophone (or whatever it is) and bell sounds to give a fantasy-sounding track a little bit of a wacky side.

And then the chorus moves into this disco like tempo and sound, with some twang and a bit more electronic sounds jumping in.

When you listen to all of the individual parts to this song, it seems bizarre that they all fit together as well as they do. I’m having trouble even describing it, so just give it a listen and hear for yourself! It’s a fun song!


I’m going to keep bringing this up in my blog posts. I’m up for collabs if anyone is interested! I have two ideas in particular that I think would make for fun collabs, so if anyone is interested add me on discord (Yomu#2764) and we can come up with something!


Review Reviews

Anyone want their review reviewed? It’s been a while since I’ve written a review review, and I don’t write them without permission, so unless I get some volunteers this series will stay dead!

Help Yomu out! His typewriter is starting to deteriorate, and he needs YOUR help! Volunteer today! Yomu is not getting any younger, you know. You can let me know in the comments or add me on discord (Yomu#2764)!

Pictured: Yomu the review reviewer many years from now.


Not too much to add since my last blog post.

Cyber Monday was good for Amazon sales, putting some extra cash in my pocket. My product hasn’t sold as well as I would like overall, so at this point I’m just going to sell out what I have and move on to finding another product. Considering a lot of Chinese factories shut down for most of February because of Chinese New Year, and many stop taking orders in December / Janurary as a result, I’ll probably just try it all again in early 2019. It’s also too late to get anything into Amazon for Christmas anyways.

I had been looking for a few months for another product to sell but couldn’t settle on anything. While my first product I think I moved too quick, this time I think I am being too conservative. Next year I’ll have to try and get something going though. The goal is to have a variety of products selling on Amazon so that I can quit my job and move far away from Toronto, where both land and houses are actually affordable. I also just hate the city.

The whole Amazon thing has been a learning experience, and I still think I’ll end up making a little profit on the first product. I’ve also been looking at Shopify / drop-shipping, but not enough to fully understand what it entails and what sort of work would be involved. We’ll see what 2019 brings!


I’ve also learned that I have a bit of arthritis in my right hand, specifically in my finger tips and the joint closest to them. It gets triggered by the cold, and my finger tips swell up for a couple of weeks before going away. It’s pretty much gone now, but for the last few years I had no clue what it was and it wasn’t until recently that I put the time of year and this issue together to realize that the cold was actually the trigger. Nothing crazy, but hey maybe someone can relate.

That’s about all I can think of in terms of anything remotely interesting that’s happened to me recently.


As for anime, I’ve finished the Kujibiki Unbalance anime recently, which I will be writing about soon! Last night I started Love Live! School Idol Project, and it’s been great so far. I was surprised at how it’s managed to hook me. I watched 4 episodes, but I definitely could have kept going! This might be one of the biggest surprises of my A to Z Challenge so far, considering I normally don’t really get into anime with high school girl main characters (Sora Yori for example). I did not expect to enjoy Love Live! as much as I have, so we’ll see where this goes!


And that’s all I really wanted to write about.
Happy Sunday!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “Sunday Blog Post

  1. Got a friend whose going through a similar thing on Ebay where his suit selling business is getting slower this time of the year as well. His partners are also from China so doubtful he’ll enjoy the next of couple of months too. Though, you seems to be doing a bit better in branching out than he does. Good luck, from what he tells me it’s rather rough with handling inventory, and dealing with costumers.

    Niceu! You enjoying Love Live. I found that series to be a solid watch, and pretty enjoyable. I like Emi Nitta (who plays Honaka in Love Live) music outside of the series a bit more. Don’t know what it is, but she has a aura about her that draws me to her.


  2. I have been looking into selling online on Amazon, or somewhere, but have not done anything yet beyond researching the process… Well, I hope your product, despite not meeting your expectation, was still at a profit for you.

    Arthritis at the fingertips. eh? Can this be due to too much typing?

    Anyway, have a nice day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t think so haha, but who knows. It’s mostly gone now thankfully.

      Well you’ve got some time to keep looking into it then, seeing as it’s too late to get anything into Amazon until after Xmas. Feel free to add me on discord if you wanted to ask any questions too, I’m always happy to help people with the little knowledge I have.

      Liked by 1 person

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