A Real Neat Award

The Umai Yomu Anime Blog has done it again!

Critics have been raving about the Umai Yomu Anime Blog!

“Thrilling. Suspenseful. Gripping. High-Octane.” 
Yomu, Editor of the Umai Yomu Anime Blog

“Riveting. An unstoppable chain of events that will have you on the edge of your seat!”
Yomu, Writer for the Umai Yomu Anime Blog

“A roller-coaster ride that is fun for the whole family.”
Yomu, Contributor for the Umai Yomu Anime Blog

“Thought-provoking. Controversial. Director Yomu is a real visionary.”
Yomu, Reader of the Umai Yomu Anime Blog

And many more testimonials!

Something isn’t right here..

And we can’t forget about the many awards earned by the Umai Yomu Anime Blog!

2018 UY Power “Most Efficient Traction Control” Award

2017 UY Power Car of the Year Award

2017 UY Power Best in Class Towing, Payload Award

2016 UY Power “Highest Ranked in Initial Quality, Large Light Duty Pickup” Award

In fact, the Umai Yomu Anime Blog has received more UY Power initial quality awards than any other anime blog, for FOUR years in a row! What do you think of that?

You’re all starstruck, I know.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Umai Yomu Anime Blog was nominated for yet another award: The Real Neat Blog Award. Thanks for this nomination go to two other critically acclaimed bloggers: Average Joe Reviews & Lynn Sheridan! Check out their blogs today!


The requirements for this award:

  • Display the logo.
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and share a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions of the one who nominated you.
  • Nominated 7-10 bloggers.
  • Ask them 7 questions.

The more questions the merrier!

Average Joe’s Questions

I don’t believe Average Joe wrote any questions, so I will answer the same questions he answered in his post.

1. What is your favourite type of post to write?

I love tag posts like this one, because answering questions is fun, but lately my favourite type of post to write has been reviews for anime that I’ve recently finished. I’ve been having a lot of fun with that, so much so that I’ve had trouble writing anything but reviews in my Anime A to Z series haha.

2. What are two posts from this year that you are most proud of?

I’ll pick one more serious post, and one fun post for this.

First is Creative Differences in Anime. First because it’s a topic that I think is very interesting and relevant to anime. The Rule of Seven is an interesting phenomenon in consumer media that helps to explain the prominence of “average” anime, games, movies, etc.
And my second reason is because this post was going to be the very last post I wrote on this blog. At the time I was planning on ending the blog after this post, but receiving a comment helped me to change my mind and keep going. 🙂
Also I’ve pingbacked this post 4 times already, making this the fifth time. A clear indicator that I’m proud of this one haha.

And second is Yomu Takes On The T.A.P. Tag. I had so much fun writing that one, I was basically in tears from laughing too much as I wrote it. Pretty much for the entire day afterwards I was sporadically laughing to myself thinking about this post. Even writing this makes me chuckle thinking about my amazing tankas. Poets beware!

3. What is your feel-good narrative?

School slice of life is my favourite narrative / style for relaxing. I like weaving in slice of life anime inbetween more intense action / thrilling anime because I find it’s a nice change of pace. Bonus points if the anime involves a school club.

Relaxing, just like this.

4. If you could conquer any fear in this moment, what would it be?

I guess claustrophobia? Not that it really affects me in my everyday life. I don’t have many fears aside from that and acrophobia. I guess I could conquer either of them and that would be OK.

5. What are two traits that you feel you do well as a blogger?

I’d like to think that my sense of humour is something I do well with in my blog, it’s definitely something I try to add in my posts here and there, although my reviews are a bit more serious.

Secondly, I’d also like to think that I’m doing OK at interacting with other bloggers and reading everyone else’s posts. I try to comment on anything that I have an opinion on, and I read anything that involves anime that I have already seen. Unfortunately I don’t watch currently airing anime so I miss out on a lot of episodic posts that I’m sure are great reads as well as great opportunities to discuss anime! I may try to watch a currently airing anime next season for this exact reason.

6. Do you have a blogging pet peeve? If so, what is it?

I can’t think of one. People are free to do and write what they want, myself included.

7. What inspires you to blog?

I love reading and writing about anime, in addition to watching it. For some reason, when I look back at myself, it sort of feels lonely to have watched so much anime without any interaction with anyone. I like reading what other people have to say, and writing what I have to say. It all just makes anime that much more enjoyable I think.

Thank you Average Joe for the nomination, and also I feel like I should thank BiblioNyan for the questions, as I ended up answering those here.

Yes cat. Let’s get some more questions in here.

Lynn Sheridan’s Questions

These questions come with a preface:

Here’s the setup. You’ve just received a letter in the post. I know, how oldfashioned. Anyhow, the letter tells you that you’ve won a massive prize. It is a rent-free house/apartment of your choice for life, but before claiming your prize you must make some choices. Remember these decisions are for life too. There are no take backs.

Sounds like the beginnings of a slice of life plot…

1. You will need three anime roommates. Who are they?

Going to be taking some of the gals from my harem

  • Yin (Darker Than Black) – Very chill and relaxed. I know there will be no drama involved with Yin. I also really like Yin, something about her just makes me want to sit next to her or something. She doesn’t show her emotions, but you know that she is still experiencing them. I don’t know really, but she just “looks” happy in certain moments, even if her expression doesn’t show it, and I like those moments.
  • Takane “Ene” Enemoto (Mekakucity Actors) – She’s annoying, and mischievous, but she is a sentient cyber girl who lives in computers / phones etc. Which is too cool to pass up for a roommate I think.
  • Justaway (Gintama) – Doesn’t take up a lot of space, great conversation starter. There is a tiny risk of the Justaway exploding, but the benefits are worth it in the end. We can keep it in a reinforced box or something, and only take it out for special occasions.


2. You can have one anime pet. What is it?


I’ll have this iconic seagull be my pet. It can live on the roof, and we can just throw leftover french fries and whatnot up there for it to eat.

3. You can have one anime vehicle to get around with. Which one?

I guess I’ll take Hiramaru-kun’s car.


4. You will receive an anime robot to help around the house. Who is it?

I’ll choose this girl from Eve no Jikan, because she looks and acts like a regular person, despite being a robot. She seemed fun to be around. I’ve forgotten her name though, sorry!


5. You will receive a new wardrobe. Which anime character will you dress like?

This fine gentleman of course.


6. For protection, you can select any anime weapon or ability. Which one?

Shunsuke Otosaka’s power from Charlotte.

*Spoilers* Being able to jump back in time is the ultimate ability I think. But because it’s limited to my own lifespan, I wouldn’t be able to abuse the power and go back even further than my own lifespan. It also has that built in mechanism of worsening eyesight that would also help to prevent me from abusing it, so I would only use it if absolutely needed.

7. And lastly. You can have your house/apartment in any anime world. Which one?

I’ll go with the Monogatari world. Mainly because it’s still a modern world, where most people just live their lives normally, but apparitions exist to spice things up. Maybe I’d never encounter an apparition, but that’d still be fine because it’s a regular modern world. And if I did encounter one, I’d always have my ability available should things get out of hand.

Thanks for the prize, Lynn! Also thanks for the nomination and questions!

Two very different sets of questions! Thanks again to both Average Joe and Lynn Sheridan for the nominations.

What can I say, I run a real neat blog.

My nominations:

Whether you answer the nomination or not, just know that you all have some real neat blogs!

My questions:

  1. If you had to choose one, what would your chuuni name be? (For example, I am known as Dark-Seal Mirage in the chuuni community, Dark-Seal for short).
  2. What anime made you laugh the most?
  3. Who is your favourite anime character with a moustache?
  4. Has anime ever inspired you to try eating something new?
  5. If you could pick any two anime characters to battle it out, who would you choose? (Can be a battle of wits, strength, whatever type of battle you want).
  6. What is an anime that has been on your to-watch list for a very long time?
  7. What is your favourite aspect of blogging?

Looking forward to the answers, should you decide to partake (especially question 1, hoping for some great names!). Naturally, anyone can answer these if they wish to do so!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

18 thoughts on “A Real Neat Award

  1. Yeah… Kinda goofed with my post, I knew there was something I’d forgotten to do on my post. But still those were some good answers. I will admit I think you have a good sense of humor in your posts, it makes them seem a lot more personal. Again sorry for missing out my questions, but to make it up for you I might have a new tag post in the works and you are on the list of nominees. Great post man. 😁 👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey don’t sweat it! These were good questions regardless, and I wouldn’t have answered them had you not tagged me.
      Aha. The tables really have turned, I’m getting all of these tags from you. One of these days I’ll beat you to the punch and tag you first again haha.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Those awards were mostly a play on a Chevy commercial where they boast 4 years of initial quality awards – initial quality is just the first 90 days or something like that of a vehicle’s lifespan, so it’s a totally useless award that sounds more impressive than it actually is


  2. Another good post, as always. “It’s good shit!” There’s a future testimonial for you that’s already in quotes 😉

    Thank you for the tag, and btw I didn’t forget about you & potential collab ideas! I just got swamped with the holidays and I didn’t wanna try to get the ball rolling when I knew I’d be trapped under Thanksgiving leftover debris, lol

    Liked by 1 person

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