Blog Post 118 – Yomu Addresses A Concerned Fan

Umai Yomu Anime Blog,  post 118.

The posts have been slowing down lately. What has gotten into Yomu? He used to be so energetic and funny in his somewhat frequent posts. Lately it’s all been Anime A to Z posts, which all turned out to be reviews. I miss the old Yomu, who reviewed reviews and published all sorts of CRAZY groundbreaking content. The old Yomu, who took the blogging sphere by storm and won Rookie Anime WordPress Blogger of the Year (citation needed). The Yomu who dazzled the world with his poetry, and became a prestigious elite in the Brotherhood of the World Bloggers, along with many, many other renowned titles. It feels as if a shadow has been cast upon the blinding light that was Yomu’s blogging career….

A Concerned Fan
(Definitely Not Yomu)

We’ve made it to blog post 118! Nothing special about this number, but here we are.

The thing is, I recently was contacted by a fan of mine… and they expressed deep concerns as to my blogging activity of late. And you know what? My fan is right. Whoever wrote these concerns is clearly an extremely intelligent and fantastic individual, I bet we would get along very well.

In response to these concerns, I’ve decided to write a blog post with no real structure.


These Two Songs

Help me out everyone, I can’t decide which song I love more.
As I’m sure you all know, my YouTube became completely Japanese / Anime music a while back. The great thing is all the amazing songs, but unfortunately the trouble is I can’t read the names / artists for any of them.

This first song explicitly reminds me of Fairy Tail. I’m almost positive it’s either from Fairy Tail, or the artist is somehow related. It’s got great tempo, and I love the electric accordion going on there. Plus the chorus is great and upbeat!

This second song is by the same artist, I THINK. The vocalist definitely sounds the same. This song really reminds me of a video game soundtrack, or a fantasy setting at the very least. The only word I can read for this is FairiA, and I sort of get a fantasy / forest vibe from this song so I guess that works. This song just feels so vibrant with all of the different instruments used!

Both songs are going on the anime music playlist for sure.

Post Frequency

Post frequency has decreased recently. There are a couple reasons for this.

First, I prescribe to the philosophy that I shouldn’t force myself to write posts for the sake of publishing posts. I have long passed the stage of watching my stats and focusing on improving them. It is what it is I think – the blog is about having fun writing posts and interacting with you all, so that’s what I do.

Second, I know I said that my new full-time job probably wouldn’t affect the blog, but it has a bit. I am an inventory analyst, and we had a alarmingly large variance on our year-end inventory count. So I was sort of stuck at work for many days reconciling, and just when I figured I’d done enough, I’d get told to “keep digging!” by my manager. I hate going home hours after I normally would, but it is what it is. The job is great aside from things like this!

Third, it turns out I enjoy playing video games more when I have less time to play them. After getting the job, I found myself enjoying video games more again. First culprit is Maplestory 2, which has been a lot of fun and filled the void that World of Warcraft left in me many years ago when I stopped playing – part of me had been craving an MMO since. The other game is actually a collection of games. I recently discovered Command and Conquer: The Ultimate Collection on Origin and impulsively bought it. I’ve been playing through all of the games since. I didn’t think I’d be able to replay the classics on Windows 10, but they have all worked great through Origin.

I also discovered some great mods for Command and Conquer games. Most notably is the mod Mental Omega, for Red Alert 2. Great stuff!

Fourth, I think I’ve been too strict on what I want to write about. I used to note all of my ideas down for future posts, but lately I have had trouble thinking of ideas. Thing is, I believe I have been too strict on what constitutes a good idea. I need to get a little more casual here and there with my posts I think!

Fifth, there isn’t actually a fifth reason. But I wanted to round out this list with five points, so this is the fifth point of the points.


Word Association

Word – heal

First anime that comes to mind for this word is Re:Zero. For some reason, I instantly thought of Emilia. She does sort of have this priestly / healer look to her, from an RPG game perspective. I also think of the many scenes where she consoles Subaru, all while having no idea what challenges he was going through. Emilia really is great, a healer of the spirit.

I’m a Rem fan though, so it sort of feels sacrilege to write all of this, because Rem also supports Subaru through so much… sorry Rem. I’ll think of you first next time.

Review Reviews

Despite trying my best to advertise my review reviews, I’ve run out of applicants! I’d love to keep publishing review reviews for you all, but I won’t write one without permission first. Yomu’s typewriter has been gathering dust.

If anyone would like to apply, please let me know!

This man NEEDS your help!


While I’m talking about post ideas, I’m always up for a collab! Let me know in the comments, I am also in the aniblogger discord group if anyone is interested. I may have a few ideas myself…

So far collaborations have been great on this blog!
Stay tuned for part 2 of the Divine Gate collab with EdgyAnimeTeen… !

This Screencap


I know I brought this up already in my Flip Flappers post, but in case you missed it.

The lamp in this screencap really looks out of place right? Like, the guy just looks so 2D when standing next to such a well drawn lamp. At first I thought the lamp felt out of place, but since then I’ve changed my views. I think the guy looks out of place here. I’ve really grown to like the lamp in this screencap. Has a lamp ever looked better?

Anime Posts

Long ago I used to say that my reviews were not reviews, but just my “thoughts”. Lately I’ve been trying to write anime reviews in my own way, which is sort of why I’ve been writing a lot of reviews lately as part of my Anime A to Z challenge. I’d like to switch it up here and there, but when I get to writing I end up wanting to write a review. So I enjoy writing reviews more, but I would like to also have more variety in my posts too. I’ll figure something out here.

Lately I haven’t been putting my abilities as Yomu the Prognosticator to good use either.  I’ll see what I can do. Consider this a reminder from myself, for myself.


My Three Day Water Fast

I recently challenged myself to a water fast for 72 hours.

Last week I didn’t eat any food from 6pm Sunday till 6pm Wednesday, and only consumed water during this time. I’ve fasted many times before. But never for longer than 36 hours. For a long time now I’ve wanted to push myself and go for a full three days, so I did!

Here’s a little overview of how it went.

First 24-36 hours feel pretty normal. Hard for me to describe, because I go this amount of time without eating pretty frequently. You feel hungry, but hunger pangs come and go in waves, so if you are distracted you won’t notice your hunger. The Monday was pretty normal.

During the second day, my body had gone into ketosis (a metabolic state characterized by raised levels of ketone bodies in the body tissues, which is typically pathological in conditions such as diabetes, or may be the consequence of a diet that is very low in carbohydrates. – Dictionary). I’ve gone into ketosis before, and your body goes through some changes during this process. I’ve read that people usually experience it differently, there are a range of symptoms. Personally, I just feel dizzy, although not quite dizzy. Best way to describe it is that I felt hypnotized, although nothing had hypnotized me. Maybe dazed is the best word for it. I had that feeling for the first half of the second day.

I also get a terrible rash when I go into ketosis. I knew I was going to get it, and it’s a real trial in itself. It basically feels like the chicken pox, and covered both of my sides, rapidly spreading. I also stopped feeling hungry on the second day. It’s weird because the feeling of hunger goes away, but my thoughts were pretty much constantly about food. Thinking about future meals, and foods I enjoyed. I’ve read this is normal… I thought about food A LOT during this fast haha.

The third day was the most difficult. I had a headache all day, my sides were extremely itchy from the spreading rash, and I was constantly thinking about food. I wasn’t hungry, but felt bloated, as if I had gorged myself on food. It’s weird to feel that way after knowing you haven’t eaten in 60+ hours. It was hard for me to focus properly on my job. I was a bit spaced out all day. But I only had to make it to dinner time to hit the 72 hour mark, so I powered through. Despite saying that, this was probably one of the most difficult days I’ve ever experienced in my life. Definitely felt like one of the longest days.

For dinner I only had chicken noodle soup, but it was the best bowl of soup I’ve ever eaten! I also had some chocolate milk afterwards, which was great.

The next day I just went back to eating regular food without much issue. The rash is almost completely gone now (a week later), it’s very faded compared to what it was and doesn’t itch anymore.


And that’s the story of my three day fast! It ended up being MUCH more difficult than I had anticipated. If I didn’t get a rash from fasting it may have been easier, but even then I have to say that 72 hours without food felt exponentially more difficult than 24 / 36 hours.

One of the keys to these things is to remind yourself that humans can go several weeks without food, so 24 – 72 hours isn’t a whole lot in comparison. Just make sure you stay hydrated!

I’m not sure if I’ll ever intentionally go 3 days without food again, but at least I now know what it feels like.


Winter is here! I love the cold. I got my heavy comforter on my bed, and have been enjoying sleeping with my window open a bit for that super cool air. Getting out of bed is a challenge, but the sleeps are so great that I think it’s worth it.

I love going for walks in the winter too, but I like to do this when it is colder. Another month or so and I’ll probably start doing this!


I think that pretty much covers everything I wanted to cover in post 118!
I hope that my fan’s concerns have been addressed somewhere in this post.


Please let me know if you would like one of your reviews reviewed!
Thank you!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Blog Post 118 – Yomu Addresses A Concerned Fan

  1. Re: the songs…The artist’s name is “Yura Hazuki” (although the preferred translation appears to be “Hatsuki”). The first song you posted appears to be called “Shadows ~ Shadow-coloured Fairy Picture Book”, the second one is “The Time [You] Wake Up”. The album name of the former shares its name with the song, while the latter’s album name is “FairiA ~ Illusion Fairy Picture Book ~”. I couldn’t understand what “C90” was (in the video title for Shadows) until I browsed “Musical tales of Yura Hatsuki” and deduced it was referring to Comiket 90.

    A bit of Googling for the artist and the song names produces results for a blog of fan translations (the aforementioned “Musical tales of Yura Hatsuki”). That helped me parse some of the video info, but the translations of the titles were my own since the translator there only bothers with lyrics and song titles (and not album titles, since Japanese words can be interpreted many ways).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I’ve been enjoying writing reviews. I guess part of me wanted to have more variety when it came to the A to Z stuff.

      The fast was mainly just to challenge myself and experience what it feels like.

      Tonight was actually the first big snow. I passed 4 cars in ditches and 2 accidents coming home haha (what do people expect, driving on back roads with summer tires?)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like it too. The first big snowfall is always the one that catches everyone off guard so the roads are a nightmare, but people adapt pretty quick.

        Still snowing now, snowed all night. I might be able to get some nice walks in sooner than later!
        And haha, you have to be prepared for those moments where you get snow. I remember how it was there, snows one day, then rains the next.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I experience a bit of winter snow, but it seems to be gone for now. Although, it’s an unpredictable beast so I have to keep my head up because who knows if the next day I’ll be able to get into my own car hahaah.

    I did a staying awake challenge for almost three days when I was a teenager. Man it wasn’t worth it. My eyes hurt, and I was seeing stuff there weren’t there. People thought I was high for a bit. My hair at the time didn’t help either. I think I’ll pass on that fasting challenge. I don’t have the will power in me to do it, especially with a psychically demanding job. I need my burgers!….and drinks.

    I’m the same with gaming at the moment. I still haven’t beaten Dragon Quest 11 since starting it last month. Only play it on the weekends, but whenever I do those hours just go by way too quickly.

    Once I get some anime related content up, you shall be able to send Yomu 2 to look through them, and see what he thinks of it. At this point, I would rather not have Yomu 2 starve his creative juices on reviewing reviews! It’s his dream damn it!


    1. I was looking at Dragon Quest 11, might pick it up when the price goes down a bit.

      Yeah my eyes get super bloodshot when I pull all nighters, hate that.

      A request for Yomu 2 in the future? Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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