Manga Sales Pitch

Just for fun very recently I’ve been trying to think of an idea for a manga that I think would be cool to create if I had any actual drawing ability.

But I don’t – so posting about my idea on my anime blog is the next best thing I can do.

Yattamen not included.

The idea came to me in the shower.

I currently don’t have a title for it, or any character names.
Just a bare bones concept that I thought could potentially work in a manga / anime format, inspired by the various anime I’ve watched.
So here we go.

The manga would be comedy / slice of life / school / drama? / romance?

Our protagonist is a teenage boy. No friends, very smart / clever. Inspired by Hachiman from SNAFU. A cynical boy who doesn’t really see the value in friends, clubs, etc. He goes to school to get good grades, not to socialize. Relies only on himself, etc. No real details on his appearance other than that he would be somewhat average looking. Probably an underclassman.
Just going to call him Hachiman for now.

The situation that sets up the entire premise for my manga is as follows:

It’s been several months since the school season had started. Everyone had managed to settle in, make new friends, join clubs, etc. Hachiman was just getting through it all day by day. But then one day, before class started, there was an announcement from the student council on the PA:

“Attention students. We, the student council, are very pleased to announce that for the first time in Terragon High’s history, EVERY student is a member of a club… EXCEPT for one. In order to achieve this great milestone, we have decided to create a little contest: the club that can get this final student to willingly join their club will receive a very generous reward! The student council will also be participating. The student who has yet to join a school club is Class 1B’s Hachiman! We wish all clubs the best of luck! Let the recruiting begin!”

Of course it doesn’t have to be stated exactly like this, but you all get the point. The premise is essentially an average teenage boy & loner who ends up as the target for recruitment by ALL of the school’s clubs. This leads to much more interaction between Hachiman & other students, and the story can sort of blossom from there. Friendship, comedy, drama?, love? can all find their way into the story.


I can envision moments between Hachiman and various clubs. I sort of see this scenario in which Hachiman finds the attention a massive pain at first, but eventually he decides to make a game out of it and humour clubs. He thinks he is messing with them, but slowly we see that they are getting to him, and getting him to open up to others. Something like he agrees to join clubs activities for a day in return for a favour, and ends up realizing later on that he actually had fun. Situations like this.

I also have this little idea where students commonly ask Hachiman “why haven’t you joined a club?” when first meeting him, and Hachiman comes up with various sarcastic / comedic responses to this question. Just a little idea for a repeating gag.

The premise also gives room for not only a variety of characters, from serious to wacky, but for a variety of clubs, also from serious to wacky. Random no-name clubs can come out of the woodwork in an attempt to get Hachiman to join. I sort of think of that club in Mob Psycho that was desperately trying to get Mob to join, before he ended up joining that bodybuilding club. Students and clubs of all sorts.

Students will be using methods of all kinds to get Hachiman to join their clubs. From tricking him, to trying to impress him, to bribing him, to genuinely trying to be friends with him. Perhaps Hachiman has family (younger sister) that students will try to use in their favour?

And the student council will be the most clever of them all. I envision a student council like that of Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, sort of controlling / setting up situations from behind the scenes. Playing the long game. Maybe they know something about Hachiman that no one else does, or have some sort of secret knowledge. The “final boss” so to speak, somehow. A group of very interesting and unique characters employing very clever methods to try and get Hachiman to join them.

I can just see a very wide range of opportunities with this premise, which is why I liked it enough to pitch it to you!


Now that you’ve read my pitch, what do you think?
No need to pull punches either. The only investment I have into this idea is this blog post. I’m really hoping that this idea doesn’t already exist, but part of me wonders if it does. Also feel free to add anything you want to this pitch! I’d love to hear what improvements you all may suggest.

Now this isn’t going to be a tag post, but I would also love to read your pitches! If you have an idea for a manga, why not post about it? I would definitely enjoy reading more manga pitches! Should you decide to write your own pitch, feel free to pingback so that I don’t miss it!

That’s all for now.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading!

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