Overlord III


So this isn’t a part of the Anime A to Z.. but I couldn’t wait till O to watch Overlord III. It’s a series that I’e really enjoyed so far. I love fantasy, and by extension, isekai. I think Overlord is an anime that does a good job with the genre and gets me interested in the world. I also love overpowered characters, so everything just works well for me in Overlord.

For the most part at least.

Overlord spoilers ahead.


Overlord II All Over Again

My biggest issue with the second season of Overlord was that the first half of the season was spent focusing on the lizardmen, whom I didn’t and still don’t care about at all.

Overlord III strikes again by doing the same thing, and following that girl and the alchemist guy, with their goblin friends.

In both cases, I feel the same way. I’m fine with watching the content, but I’m not a fan of how much time was spent on them. I want to see Momonga and his minions, not some random weaklings, even if they are a tiny bit relevant to the story. I think the reason they love spending so much time on these other characters is because people might want to watch some characters that aren’t overpowered.. but for me personally it’s the opposite. I want to see Momonga or any of his incredibly powerful minions from the Great Tomb of Nazarick.

I love watching the weakling characters of this world recoil in shock at the overpowered characters and what they are capable of. So watching some goblins with their weak fights bores me in comparison. Knowing that there are these super powerful beings in the world, and here I am watching some goblins… it just doesn’t do it for me.

That’s my biggest gripe for the series in general, both Overlord II and III. I appreciate them trying to spice things up a little by introducing these other characters, but I’d also appreciate if they didn’t spend so much time on them because it gets boring pretty quick spending so much time away from the main cast.



I love the humour in the series. The moments where Momonga’s skeleton jaw drops still get me here in the third season. I enjoy the interactions between him and his minions, how they keep putting words into his mouth and his reactions.

I don’t fully understand why he doesn’t just shoot them down sometimes though. He is their master, he doesn’t have to play along with everything Demiurgas comes up with.

Anyways, I still enjoy these lighthearted moments where we hear Momonga’s thoughts and how his shock at what his minions say at times.


Fantasy Politics

I enjoy the politics in the anime so far. I wouldn’t say it’s very complex so far, but I always like a fantasy anime that has multiple kingdoms vying for power like this one. Of course, Nazarick is much more powerful than it’s neighbours, but the point still stands I think. I hope that the politics in Overlord get more complex.

Log Horizon is an example of a great fantasy + isekai anime that goes all out with the politics, and it works REALLY well. There is much more to ruling a kingdom, or maintaining a society than what majority of fantasy anime show. I happen to really enjoy this side, enough that I could watch a fantasy anime with no combat whatsoever and still love it if it dives into politics.

Don’t have a screencap of one of the kings, so this village chief will have to do.


I enjoyed the opening song. It feels like it fits well with the series, and sounds great:

Overpowered MC

I love overpowered main characters. The way I see it, your average shounen MC that gets beat up in fights but ALWAYS prevails in the end is no different than an MC that is just blatantly overpowered like Momonga. If anything, the blatantly overpowered MC feels more honest to me. I also just love all that it entails, like the reactions that characters have when they witness Momonga or his minions’ power.

My favourite “overpowered MC” moment in this season was actually when Momonga was fighting those Workers / thieves in the sixth floor arena of Nazarick. When the blonde girl says he can’t use magic, and he takes off his ring… I know that puking is pretty gross, but to see her reaction in that moment was really well done. You really get the feeling that she witnessed Death, her face becoming filled with utter despair in an instant. It’s a great example of those reactions that I look for in overpowered MC anime.

This entire scene in the arena is probably my favourite scene from the season.

Potential Threat

My final point that I believe is worth mentioning is potential threat. We know that the regular people in this world are much too weak to fight against Momonga and the Great Tomb of Nazarick. But I think it’s important to note that just because we haven’t encountered another player from Yggdrasil yet, it doesn’t mean that we won’t in the future.

Again in Overlord III we see instances where Momonga is trying to draw out other players. From what we’ve seen so far, another player is the only thing that could possibly threaten Momonga. Of course I’m sure he would also love to meet another player just to converse with, seeing as he is trapped in a world of characters that aren’t “human” or from Earth like he is.

So yeah, I love that Momonga is overpowered right NOW, but I would also love to see a challenger arise at some point. I feel like the anime is moving in this direction, with Momonga establishing his own nation and expanding… at some point I expect a challenger to appear. Just knowing that the possibility exists is great, because it gives the anime options for content later on that moves away from the “Overpowered MC” aspect of the anime. It would also give us some great struggle, and fantasy politics as well I think.



That’s all I have on my mind at the moment for Overlord III / the series in general. I love the series, and where it’s headed. Despite S2 and S3 having the same issue of spending too much time on minor / unimportant characters, the rest of the content in the series is very solid and progressing at a good pace. I look forward to seeing what situations Momonga and his minions end up in, and if they will face a real challenge at some point.

With Overlord III done, it’s back to anime G for me.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

13 thoughts on “Overlord III

  1. I know I watched the first 2-ish episodes of the third season… But it really didn’t keep my interest. I might pick it up later just to see if the story ever nears anything resembling a conflict for the main characters, but it’s pretty low on my watch list. Doesn’t sound like it happened this season, so it’s probably just Overlord as usual. That’s not a bad thing, but y’know, I got LOTGH to watch. Probably gonna start that after midterms.

    In other news, I’m kinda sorta back! (maybe)

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    1. Yep, good assumption. S3 felt extremely similar to S2 in terms of pacing, and whatnot. You can definitely justify waiting until the series (hopefully) gets more development going in the future.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I liked season two, and will probably like season three, but it’s just not something I’m rushing to watch. I’ll probably keep it in the back of my mind in case I can’t figure out which anime I want to watch next…
        Side note- did you hear about people calling “Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai” a Monogatari ripoff?

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  2. WeeaBroDerek

    Real bummer that we’re probably gonna have to wait like two years for the next season, though.

    From what I’ve read, they’re caught up with the source material now.

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      1. WeeaBroDerek

        Yeah but Overlord is wayyy more popular now than Claymore ever was.

        I was a little surprised we actually got that second season for Overlord, but now that they’ve had success with three, they’ll almost certainly bring it back again.

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  3. WhoAmI?

    I think the reason why they spend so much time on the minor characters is because Momonga himself doesn’t really have a good character. The minor characters are really depicted as heroic, noble, and kind people, people who have drive and are motivated to change the world for the better (according to their respective ideals). Or some just want to protect their family and keep their children safe. The minor characters are all more fleshed out than any of the “main cast”. If you take a look at Momonga’s, Albedo’s or the Majority of Nazarick, you can find that, though they all have different personalities, none of them are actually fleshed out. Momonga’s character isn’t a good one—his built in lack of emotion literally stops him from developing and growing as a character. The only time we’ve ever seen Momonga show genuine competence without just relying on his overwhelming skill was when he fought Shalltear, which I feel has been the best part of the entire series so far. This really applies to pretty much all of Nazarick, with the exception of Sebas.
    In summary, I think the show spends so much time on it’s weaker, human characters because that’s really where all of Overlord’s story comes from. Without these minor characters and their genuine struggles, the anime can’t depict Momonga swooping in a rendering all of their hopes, dreams, and hard work absolutely useless.
    Overlord is essentially about a merciless, unstoppable force that renders the actions of all humans absolutely futile and meaningless.
    Well that’s just my take on it, at least.
    Sorry for typing an essay in the comments XD.


    1. Yeah that’s pretty true. I wonder if the anime could have done a better job with the internal conflict between Momonga the human / player, and Momonga the undead lich. Cause you are right that they sort of just went with the undead lich side, with him just “not feeling anything” about killing thousands of people.
      I really liked Sebas in S2, so you are definitely onto something here!
      And yeah, I understand WHY they focused on those weaker minor characters, but I still wish they gave me more “action” or did a little better with the timing. 4 episodes of just villagers, or lizardmen, gets boring.

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