100 Followers Q&A Extravaganza!

Hey everyone, I’m back with answers to your questions! Also I really wanted to include extravaganza in the title of at least one of my posts, so this really worked out well.

I originally had an idea that I wanted to use for my 100 followers celebration, but I couldn’t make it happen just yet. I’ll post it at some point though for sure. I’m sorry I couldn’t surprise you all just yet. It’ll be worth the wait though!

I didn’t expect so many questions! I’m glad I asked for them though, seeing as my other idea isn’t ready yet!

Once again, thank you everyone who has been a part of this blog so far, from reading my posts, to following, to commenting! I truly appreciate all of it.


Several months ago I decided to write a single post after almost an entire year of blogging with no engagement or views. It was entirely my fault, because I didn’t know about tags the whole time. That post was going to be my final post – it was something I really wanted to write about before abandoning the Umai Yomu Anime Blog for good.

That’s what I thought at least. Until the post got a comment!

That single comment I got from TPAB~ was the first comment I’ve ever received on this blog. It gave me the motivation to keep blogging, and get to where we are now. No matter how much this blog grows, I won’t forget that. Thanks again TPAB~. I hope you are doing well! πŸ™‚

So to go from what could have been a dead blog to 100 followers in 5 months is truly amazing. I am humbled that there are people out there who read my posts and follow my blog. So for one last time… thanks everyone.

It’s been a great experience.

Unofficial theme song for this post:

I don’t speak Japanese (one of these days I’ll learn…), but this song feels fitting here. Especially the ending! πŸ™‚

Let’s get into some questions now.

Which is the most important meal of the day? – Irina

Dinner. I don’t eat breakfast, and often skip lunch. But I never miss dinner!

What is the no. 1 anime that you would recommend to everyone, regardless of trashiness, “lack of plot”[fan service], etc? – hannahjrussell

I’ll give two answers for this. First the number one anime that I’ve noticed I recommend is Violet Evergarden. I think I even recommended it to you didn’t I? πŸ™‚

But for a more interesting answer, I’ll also say Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni, which I genuinely enjoyed, even though people generally disliked it. It’s a fun anime!

What’s your favorite non-anime related tv series? – Kyrios_the_Maxim

Beat Bobby Flay. Cooking shows count right?

Some runners up would be The Grand Tour (also Top Gear before Jeremy & friends left), Forged in Fire, and nature documentaries in general.

I have two questions. First one is how did you meet Yomu II in the first place, and is Yomu I the father? Second question would be where did you feel managing a blog helped you improve the most in your writing? – Arsene_Lucifer

I count three questions here! I’ll let it slide though.

How did I meet Yomu II? Well, we are not related by blood, so I am not the father. It’s a funny story though. Many years ago I was submitting a transcript for a yearly review reviewers summit in Arizona. It’s a side of reviewing that many don’t see. But we review reviewers have some influence over the years top reviews.

I just happened to review the review of a certain boy. It was his first submission to the annual reviewers competition. He didn’t win, but I saw such potential in him that I decided to write him personally. Coincidentally he also lived in Canada, like myself! He appreciated my advice so much that he went on to become a very prominent reviewer in the community. And that very same year that I met that prominent reviewer, I had decided to put up a job posting for an assistant – which is how I met and hired Yomu II.

As for the “second” question:

I feel like I’ve always been good at writing. Decent at least. While I don’t explicitly feel that I’ve improved very much yet, I think I have improved at translating my sense of humor into words. I hope that I’ve managed to make some of you laugh at some point, or at least chuckle. Not every post I write is focused on this, but I like to aim for some humour here and there. I feel like it’s a bit easier for me now than it was when I first decided to try and introduce some comedy on this blog, in my own way.


Is there any story or game you would like to see made into an anime that hasn’t been? – Karandi

I’m going to be greedy with this one.

I’d like to see an anime adaptation of The Wheel of Time book series. As much detail as possible. So a 100+ episode adaptation would be great. As you know, I like fantasy. I don’t think I have to explain my reasoning any more than that!

What’s the aspect of anime you prioritise the most (characters, plot, animation quality, sense of “fun” etc.)? – Aria

The number one priority for me when judging an anime is memorability. I like to ask myself “what will I remember about this anime several years from now?” because often the answer to that question will be the aspects of the anime that impressed me the most. I think I would rather watch an anime that left a lasting impression on me, good or bad, than watch a completely forgettable anime with nothing worth remembering.

Maybe I should start including this in my reviews though!

Is there an anime that you dislike that a lot of people tend to like? – Keiko

The best answer I can give is for an anime that I know is already pretty polarizing. I dislike Neon Genesis Evangelion. Just an extremely boring and overhyped anime. I know people say it’s supposed to be “philosophical” and such, but that just seems like excuses for a poorly executed anime to me. I feel like you could justify any bad anime with reasoning like that.

The ending was especially awful, I can’t believe I sat through the entire anime to be treated with such a terrible ending, which was clearly rushed or something went wrong.

So yeah, that’s my opinion of Neon Genesis Evangelion in a nutshell.

And to throw the anime a bone, I did watch The End of Evangelion, which was an improvement on the original ending at least.

What post are you most proud of so far and why? – Manga Addict Alice

This question is perfect!

The reason I love this question is because there IS a post that I’m proud of that got next to no attention! The post that I am referring to is this comedic post, which I know most of you haven’t read because it only has 10 views and 5 likes (myself included)! You all missed an excellent piece of my comedic genius! I had even pingbacked it three times, and it’s still at 10 views! I was chuckling to myself for hours after writing that one, and no one saw it.

I’m not angry, just disappointed.

Thanks to Rylee, WeeaBroDerek, Karandi, Emotions Passion, and WhoAmI? and the other 5 nameless readers for reading it! And thanks for the question Alice, so I could bring this up!

I implore you all to give it a read. Or at the very least, I would appreciate it!
(In case you didn’t realize, it’s not actually a spoiler post).


Which anime would you most like to see a sequel or continuation that doesn’t have one? – EdgyAnimeTeen

I’d love to see a continuation of Claymore. I loved the anime, and it was setting itself up perfectly for some more great content. The story basically stopped at a halfway point, which was a shame. Still a great anime, and worth watching I think.

What’s the first anime song you’ve ever tried to sing? – Moyatori

Probably this one! Just the chorus though.

My question is that would you consider this a question? – Plyasm

Good question! I would indeed consider that a question.

I hope that answered your question!

Who are your top 3 favorite anime characters ever? – animesunday

  1. Hiramaru from Bakuman..
  2. Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats!.
  3. Izayoi Sakamaki from Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone, but these three would be near the top anyways!

How would you change the plot of your favourite, or one of your favourite, anime, how would u change it and why? (You have to change it in a way that will have some kind of consequence, no changing super minor details!) – WhoAmI?

Finally someone who spells “favourite” correctly!

I’m glad you gave me the option for one of my favourites, because I can’t really nail down which anime is my absolute favourite.

I think this is plot related enough.

I’d like to see Gintama where the characters actually age, instead of just staying the same throughout. I know they tease this in Gintama’ for a few episodes, but I would actually like to see it in practice. I feel like the entire cast is so vibrant and crazy that I would like to “progress” with them in this way. It sort of feels like a waste that the anime has been running for so long, and lots of things have happened, but the characters haven’t aged at all.

So not directly plot related, but I think it would affect the plot. Considering most of Gintama doesn’t really have a plot, this would probably be a big change.

I’m not sure what the consequences would be – I guess there would be more jokes related to changes in appearance and such?

I still don’t really know what Gintama is about.

Thanks for all the questions everyone!

I love this community and look forward to more engagement with you all!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading!

16 thoughts on “100 Followers Q&A Extravaganza!

  1. The Wheel of Time would actually make for an excellent anime series, provided they have a lot of episodes. Thanks for answering my question and thanks for sharing all of your answers. It was fun getting to know a bit more about you.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The series is great, but Robert Jordan began to sort of droll on a bit too much around books 8-11. The story still progresses, but he gets a little too bogged down in details and politics, to the point that the overall plot slows down – it really picks up again in the last 3 books with Brandon Sanderson’s writing, in a good way.


  2. The first thing I noticed was that I wasn’t cited properly for my question. Call me what you like (Aria, MagicConan14 or whatever), but not seeing any recognition in this post is plain evil… *sulks in corner for a few seconds*

    Okay, I was kidding about my reaction, but still.

    Still, this makes me curious. Does this mean Yomu II is an actual other person using the Yomu account, or is he a construct of Yomu I’s imagination like Cactus Matt’s is?


    1. Wow! I can’t believe I made such a mistake, after checking everything too. Sorry!! Fixed it now, I’ll answer your question later when I have time just wanted to put your name in there quick.


  3. Congrats on 100!
    It was nice learning about you and Yomu II’s backstory. And Claymore definitely had lots of potential. I went and read the manga after finishing the anime, but the finale was still kind of disappointing. That deus ex machina…
    And good o’ Haruhi OP! Confession: I haven’t actually finished Haruhi, but I sang along to that song too.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Finally, I can sleep well knowing you didn’t kidnap someone random off the streets, and simply called him Yomu II. Comedy in written form is difficult to pull off, but I feel you’ve done it pretty well. I get a good laugh, or two whenever you include jokes in your posts.

    Once again, congratulations on 100+ followers!

    Liked by 1 person

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