Yomu Reviews Yomu II’s Review of WeeaBroDerek’s Review of No Game No Life

Welcome back everyone. How do you do? Today we have a special treat. I will be conducting a review review review, something that you likely have never experienced before now. Usually these things are done behind the scenes, as I have been coaching Yomu II, my understudy, for many years. Due to a shortage in review review requests (please help, we need more review requests – Yomu II), which Yomu II has told me is the result of a downturn in the review market, I will instead publish this review review review for your viewing pleasure.

I am disappointed that my original review for WeeaBroDerek’s review of Violet Evergarden was lost in the mail. The postal service just isn’t as reliable as it used to be. I am grateful that Yomu II decided to step in and produce a review review in my place – deadlines are deadlines, and missing one would tarnish my reputation as a review reviewer.

It is not often that an amateur’s review review is published internationally like this, you see. Which is why I believe that the situation is perfectly suited for a review review review.

As always, previous review reviews can be found here.

Picured: Yomu the Anime Review Review Reviewer.

Let’s preface the review review review with some kind words from Yomu II’s review review:

I’m grateful that you have processed my review request in a timely manner, despite the complications. – WeeaBroDerek

You have great potential Yomu II. – Arsene_Lucifer

…great work, look forward to more! – jaysjapan

Justaway… I still call fraud! – moyatori

These are so great. Such wonderful prose… – Jenn

Only Yomu himself could have improved upon this review review. – Yomu

Very kind words indeed. But I shall now find out first hand if they have merit.

Due to the lack of review requests, I have decided upon my own volition to do this. Yomu II has given me his permission in person, and it is also written in his contract that I have the right to publish his works without his permission. So there was no way around this one for Yomu II.

The review review I will be reviewing on behalf of Yomu II is his review of WeeaBroDerek’s review of No Game No Life.

Let’s begin the review review review.


The review review begins with Yomu II’s analysis of both the format and title of the review. Both admirable places to start in a review review. I myself would have gone about this in a similar way.

I agree with Yomu II’s deduction about the author being a minimalist. Naturally, I also agree with the statement that sometimes simple is best – I was the one who taught Yomu II this after all. It is a phrase that we should all try and remember every now and then. The review’s title is indeed simple, and works well for its intended purpose – just as Yomu II mentioned.


Now Yomu II slips up in this next paragraph. Take a look at the first sentence – it is clear that Yomu II’s emotions have gotten the best of him, if even for a brief moment. I understand the point he is trying to convey – the paragraph he is referring to is indeed masterfully written – but this is not an excuse for such a mistake. Review reviewers must maintain a professional composure at all times. Naturally, this is something that comes with experience. I myself used to make the same error, so I understand this situation perfectly. Moving on…

Indeed. Never underestimate the flexibility and usefulness of the hyphen. Very well written, it is something that you all have my permission to quote me on.

I enjoy Yomu II’s use of a hyphen in his next paragraph. Not only is he giving advice, but he is also using it. A nice touch.


The next paragraph begins with a question that ties back to the beginning of the review review. This is well done. However, I feel that this effect could have been achieved without the use of a question. Perhaps using a sentence such as “It seems my earlier suspicions are proving most correct – this author likely writes for a more professional clientele” would be more fitting. It is a more professional way to achieve the same effect of relating to something previously mentioned.

While Yomu II continues to mention how professional the author is, he himself is not coming off as a professional. I can tell that he was very excited to write this review review.


In the next paragraph, I have circled an excessive “And” that was not necessary. The sentence reads better beginning with “Even then…” in this situation.

A nice touch Yomu II added was in the first sentence of the next paragraph, in brackets. Yomu II showed that even though he is reviewing this specific review, he has taken the time to read and appreciate some of the author’s other reviews. Reading multiple works from an author is a great way for a professional to begin a review review with a good understanding of the author and their writing style. Well done to remember this, Yomu II.


Consistency is key to a review. Yomu II did well to broach this subject and the author’s consistency throughout. The review was indeed very professionally written. Probably did not need to bring up the disclaimer, but it’s a moot point really.


Ah yes. This must be that sponsor Yomu II told me about. Not much to look at is it? Perhaps this isn’t the best fit for what we do here. It’s not very professional really, this drivel. I think we could do better. I shall speak to Yomu II about this.


Moving on, we have what I consider the climax of the review review. Yomu II took quite the risk here.

I’m sure you all remember the many times I’ve pointed out bold risks taken by an author, and how they can benefit the work in question. This is a similar case, only for a review reviewer.

Yomu II takes a risk, casting away professionalism, to confide in the author a very personal and meaningful opinion. The review review very well could have ended before this moment, but Yomu II kept on writing. Just as Yomu II explains the nature of standard opinions versus value-added opinions, he himself uses value-added opinions in this portion of the review review. By engaging the audience with a more personal perspective of the review, Yomu II is able to convey a important point regarding the review, and the author’s writing style.

You could argue that Yomu II overstepped his bounds as a review reviewer. In many situations I may have even agreed with this sentiment.

But the bond between the reviewer and the review reviewer is something that goes much deeper than you may realize. For Yomu II to express his opinions in this way tells me that he felt very strongly about his role, and genuinely wanted to help the author to improve. Yomu II had a vision for what the author was capable of, and decided to risk his personal professionalism as a review reviewer in order to express this vision in words.

I will stand behind my understudy in this case, and applaud his words.

It appears I have taught you very well, Yomu II. You may become a professional review reviewer sooner than I had previously thought.


Yomu II concludes the review review in standard fashion, providing his critiques in an easy-to-read format and providing a rating for the review.

But the tone that Yomu II introduced earlier carries on, and I still feel his passion even now in these words.

I may be a master review reviewer, but I must say that reading my young student’s words has reminded me of why I began reviewing reviews so long ago. I have become so focused on professionalism that a part of me has forgotten the passion and vision that used to drive me.

Unlike review reviews, the conclusion of a review review review is much less structured.

Here is what I would like to say, in conclusion:

Yomu II, never forget those feelings that inspire you to write and improve upon yourself. We may maintain an image of a professional, but deep inside it is passion for words and improvement that drives us. I implore you to continue writing in this fashion, with the true intent of helping to improve others and their reviews.

Well done lad.


We hope you all enjoyed this special review review review.
Let Yomu know if you’d like him to review one of your reviews!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading. 🙂

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