100 Followers! Thanks Everyone.


Hey, I’ve hit 100 followers!

Very brief post here.

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone reading this, and everyone who has followed me over these past several months.
You all rock!

I already have an idea of what I want to post to celebrate, so hopefully I can get it together this weekend. Depends on how the weather turns out.

But at the same time, it feels like it’s almost tradition to do a Q & A as well!

So, while questions aren’t explicitly required, feel free to ask if you have any.

You don’t have to force one out though, it’s all good! I’m no good at coming up with questions myself, you see. So it’s only fair I extend that to all of you.


That’s it!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading!

36 thoughts on “100 Followers! Thanks Everyone.

  1. Congratulations Yomu, and Yomu II! Well deserve through both of your hard efforts.

    I have two questions. First one is how did you meet Yomu II in the first place, and is Yomu I the father? Second question would be where did you feel managing a blog helped you improve the most in your writing?

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      1. Ha…
        People lied to me! They told me college would be fun…
        But it’s like 95% work! I had 4 classes today, 3 back to back! From 8 till 2, I was constantly either in class or walking to my next one!
        … sorry for venting a bit, I feel kinda bad I haven’t had the chance to write much. I’m cursing my massive ego now, going full-in on classes first semester. STEM courses at a serious college aren’t to be underestimated!

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      2. The biggest change with going to college / uni for a serious degree is time management I think, and actually having to use your personal time to study and prepare properly – at least it’s something I had to learn myself because I never studied in high school!


      3. Maaaaybe. Having two projects due a week for a single class is kinda rough! Hopefully I’ll have some stories to tell after I finish scouting out the local anime club…
        Fingers crossed they aren’t Shounen only fans!


  2. Happy Birth–
    I mean, congratulations!
    How would you change the plot of your favourite, or one of your favourite, anime, how would u change it and why? (You have to change it in a way that will have some kind of consequence, no changing super minor details!)

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