Yomu’s 13 Reasons Why

It’s been long enough since my last tag post right?

I’ve had some tag posts sitting on the backburner, one of which was the My Reasons Why tag – courtesy of the one and only Average Joe Reviews. I was surprised that this tag is still going strong – it’s a pretty old tag right? I’m pretty sure it started before I even became active on this blog! Thanks for the tag!

Anyways, I was tagged, so here we are!
We pride ourselves on never turning down a tag post here on the Umai Yomu Anime Blog.

The rules this time:

  • Mention the person who nominated you.
  • List 13 reasons why you keep going/living.
  • Nominate 10 or more people to give their reasons why.
  • Use the picture that I created in your post.


Let’s get right to it.

13 Reasons Why Yomu Keeps On Living

#13. This Song (And Songs Like This)

So by now YouTube has thrown me into the deep end of anime / Japanese music. Almost all of my suggested videos no longer have English titles. Which is great because it helped me find this song, which is amazing. I don’t even know if it’s from an anime? I can’t stop listening to it! The hardest part is trying to find songs like this again, because I don’t know what the title is! Luckily I didn’t let this one escape me.

The video is a story of some sort about a boy and girl, and then all of the sudden the apocalypse happened and the girl is alone. Not entirely sure on that. The art is great too. I mostly just listen for the song itself.

This song is also the unofficial song of this post, as I will be listening to it on repeat while I continue to write. I’m almost always listening to a specific song on repeat while I write posts, I just love songs like this that fill me with excitement / emotion / inspiration.

#12. Making Music

I play the piano, and also very recently started playing the guitar again. I also want to improve at singing, although that is a long shot. I just enjoy playing / making music! Not much else to say here, it’s just something I enjoy. 🙂

#11. Fantasy

I love fantasizing. Whether it’s to help me sleep, or to help pass the time, I love fantasizing. I especially love fantasizing about fantasy settings. I think it’s no surprise that I love fantasy anime, and the reason for that is directly tied to the fact that I love fantasizing. Any and all new worlds to fantasize about are welcome in my mind.

#10. Sleep

Speaking of which, I love sleep. Calculating how many hours of sleep I’m going to get is a big deal for me. I don’t always get as much sleep as I like, especially recently (6am-3pm shifts), but when I do it’s the best. Half of my motivation for getting up in the morning is derived from telling myself that I’m going to go to sleep super early and get tons of sleep (I never follow through with this though, usually stay up later than Id like watching anime (don’t tell Yomu though, he needs the motivation to make it through the day)). Isn’t sleep just amazing?



#9. Food (Of The Low-Budget Variety)

Might as well throw this in there with sleep. Food is great! My absolute favourite meal is a piece of breaded fish on a bowl of white rice. I also love chicken and rice. Or just rice.

I’m harsh on myself when it comes to grocery shopping. Which is why low budget meals are my go-to, and I love em. At my last full-time job, in which I was working a late shift, I ate chicken + rice + hot sauce every night for dinner for 9 months. And I never got tired of it. Just writing about it makes me crave it too!

My top tip for you all is to get a nice glass Tupperware container, you won’t regret it. I’ve gotten so much use out of mine. Nothing beats a hot meal at work! And eating out of glass is just better than eating out of plastic, it’s just like how Coke tastes better in the glass bottles.

I also love cooking.

#8. Problem Solving / Analysis

I love solving problems! At my previous jobs I was an all star at identifying issues and resolving them. Investigating issues and finding the problem. I also love playing strategy games for similar reasons. There’s also just something so satisfying about acquiring knowledge in a specific area, and becoming an expert / master in it.

In regards to this blog, I’d say my analysis ability is not so great when it comes to anime. Or maybe I just have trouble coming up with things I am interested enough in that I want to analyze in the first place? I don’t quite know myself.

They don’t prepare you for moments like this in high school…

#7. Nature

I’ll just say I love nature as a catch-all. What I really love is the landscapes nature provides. I live in an area that is sparsely populated compared to the surrounding towns / cities. And this means I can go on walks and see some really nice scenery. Even if it’s just farmer’s fields, I love seeing the rolling hills. I love trees too, the sound they make in the wind, and just their appearance in general. Forests are great!

I also love fishing. Either on the lakeside or on a boat, the views you get on a lake are amazing. Kayaking is also a lot of fun. Lakes are great!

I once saw this hammock that doubles as a tent on Shark Tank. I’d love to get something like that and just go out into the wild (with some food and other supplies of course).

I also love nature in the wintertime. No bugs, snow + ice are beautiful (except on the roads). I love walking during the winter, it’s a very solemn experience and I live for it.

#6. Blogging

Blogging has quickly become one of my favourite things to do! I’ve never really been one for social media, but blogging seems to hit a great balance. The community here is just so great. You are all great. I love writing up posts and thinking up new post ideas. This whole blogging thing is just a great experience overall. I even think that blogging has made me enjoy anime more, being able to share experiences with others like this.

The unofficial face of this blog. My most frequently used image.

#5. Family

I spend a lot of time with family. I was raised traditional, and I am still very traditional. Things like dinner with the family or family gatherings are important. Family comes first. I am blessed to have such an amazing family.

#4. Music

Yep! Three music related reasons. I love music, everything about it. I’m straight-edge, so I partake in no drugs. No alcohol, no weed / tobacco, no caffeine. Music is my only drug. I love driving because I love listening to music in the car. I love walking because I love listening to music while I walk. I love listening to music while I do pretty much everything. Like writing this blog post.

I used to walk an hour (one way) to high school every day, listening to music. I also used to an hour and a half (one way) to work every day, listening to music. Music allows me to enjoy things that might otherwise seem unexciting or annoying. I also listen to music right before I go to sleep! It’s a huge part of my life.

#3. Anime!

This is an anime blog, so I might as well put anime close to the top! Anime is great, as you all know. I can’t think of a more fulfilling and enjoyable form of entertainment. Anime makes you think at times, laugh at times, and cry at times. It’s just an excellent form of media.

I usually watch anime for an hour (sometimes more) every night before I go to sleep. It’s gotten to the point where I am almost always actively looking forward to going to bed. Going to bed is one of my favourite parts of the day – anime + sleep!


#2. Religion

I am a devout Christian. I don’t really touch on this much on my blog, but my faith is a huge part of who I am. Stress doesn’t exist for me thanks to my faith. There is no burden that I am afraid of thanks to my faith. And most importantly, I have absolutely no worries about my future thanks to my faith – I could be living on the streets tomorrow, and be okay with that. I have been very blessed in my life, and just being alive is a blessing enough. I am very grateful for what I have, and what I have been given in life.

#1. Future Dreams

My future dreams are something that keep me going on the day-to-day right now. Work and making money are all for the purpose of fulfilling these dreams. Of course, I’m fine with if they don’t work out, or if they change. My dreams have been constantly been changing since I was in high school.

Currently my dream is to live on a large property far away from the city, with a wife and kids (3 minimum). I would absolutely love to be making enough income through online ventures or something like this to home school my kids. I also want a couple of dogs (leaning towards a black lab and a border collie at the moment) and I want chickens. I’d also love a large garden, big enough to grow various vegetables. I’d love to live on or near a lake where I could go fishing, or land where I could go hiking / walking with the dogs.

It’s a very traditional dream that I live for.


And those are my 13 reasons!

Thanks again to Average Joe Reviews for the tag, I’m glad I could participate!

I’m going to abstain from tagging anyone this time around. I feel like this tag has lived a long life and pretty much everyone has done it at this point! Naturally, anyone who hasn’t and would like to is more than welcome to do so!

Until next time.
Thanks for reading. 🙂

13 thoughts on “Yomu’s 13 Reasons Why

  1. I can get behind you making music, especially if they’re anything like your duet cover of Kogarashi Sentiment. You’ll be making sweet music like that for a fantasy series during the heartbreaking scenes. It’s shall bring tears to many viewers worldwide.

    Got to enjoy that sweet nature. I live in a area that ain’t that populated either, but sadly there isn’t much to do. The occasional boredom of a living in a small town. Thank goodness for blogging haha!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha, my “amazing” duet cover.
      And I guess small towns can be boring, but there’s not much that a city offers that I find exciting really. The only time I ever go to Toronto is to see a Blue Jays Game.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Vegetables aren’t low budget enough for me!
      Tbh it’s just painful if they go bad because I couldnt eat them fast enough. I’d probably add green pepper to my chicken + rice dish if I got into a cycle like that again.


      1. Oh don’t worry about that! I eat low budget healthy meals too – plate of spinach with a piece of chicken + hot sauce. Or a bowl of spinach with some canned tuna. Basically spinach + any meat + hot sauce (usually, sometimes other sauces).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oi. I don’t eat too much canned fish, it’s expensive. I used to only buy meat that was in the discount meat section at walmart, and $10 family packs of chicken breast. I know my low budget meals, don’t you worry!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. WhoAmI?

        Yomu. Do you have a wife? If not, I highly suggest you find one that will force feed you some good old HEALTHY HOME COOKING!

        Ahhhhhh Yomu I don’t want you to die of malnutrition >.<

        Liked by 1 person

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