Yomu II Reviews WeeaBroDerek’s Review of No Game No Life

Hey everyone. Yomu II here. I’m actually Yomu’s understudy, and I also help him to publish review reviews online, as he doesn’t know how to use a computer and only writes using a typewriter.

Master Yomu is actually on vacation for the next few weeks, and he forgot to fulfill one of his requests. Yomu is pretty particular about getting requests done in a timely fashion. He sent me a telegram letting me know that he has mailed over the transcript, but I fear that the transcript was lost in the mail. And seeing as his transcripts are written via typewriter, there’s no real way to “reload” the lost review review.

Not wanting to disappoint, I’ve taken it upon myself to fulfill this review review request. I’ve been studying under Yomu for several years now, so I hope that this review review manages to reach the level of quality that Yomu strives for.

Previous review reviews can be found here.

Pictured: Yomu II, the understudy

To start off, some feedback from Yomu’s last review review:

…I NEED your feedback… – WeeaBroDerek

Brilliant… – Plyasm

Yomu is truly the best review and non-review reviewer! – WhoAmI?

…fabulous non-review review… – Aria

Seems like nothing will escape your critical eye. – Arsene_Lucifer

You have a fishy sponsor… – Moyatori

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It’s just so great to see Master Yomu’s review reviews met with such praise! Thank you all so much, I wish you could all see how happy he is when I read him comments like these.

And, as you can see, one of those comments was in fact our request for today’s review review!


The request is by WeeaBroDerek, a prominent anime podcaster as well as anime reviewer.

I believe that Master Yomu’s telegram stated that he had written a review review for Violet Evergarden. I couldn’t even hope to write a review for a review that Master has already reviewed, so I decided to review a different review. The review that I will be reviewing for WeeaBroDerek is his review of No Game No Life.

As you can see in the request, this author had a little trouble in articulating his request. He also mentions that his reviews are typically short. I sense some insecurity here, and I hope we will get to the root of this in his writing.

I will also disclose that there is nothing wrong with a short review. Sometimes simple is best – that’s something that Master Yomu often says.

So let’s begin the review!


If there is one thing I notice right away about this author, it’s that they are a minimalist. Simple, clear, concise. That’s the impression I get here. Very professional format – this author probably writes for a more professional clientele.

The title itself is another example of this. “No Game No Life (Spring 2014)”. I already understand the content of this review, as well as the date that the reviewed anime had aired on television.

Sometimes simple is best, and that applies to titles as well.


This first paragraph… fantastic. I urge you all to read this paragraph, and understand how powerful these words truly are. In two sentences, the author has effectively summed up the entire anime that he is reviewing. Very well done. I can tell that these words were all carefully chosen to create this masterful and concise introduction to the review.

I also see he likes his hyphens! Well, you are not alone there – we do too. Master Yomu always says to never underestimate the flexibility and usefulness of the hyphen.

The second paragraph carries on with this introduction, providing added details to the initial summary of the anime. The author also mentions that this particular anime was in fact adapted from light novels – a detail outside of the anime itself that shows us this author has done his research. I already am beginning to feel that this author is an authority on this anime as a result.


Remember how I mentioned this author likely writes for a more professional clientele? This next paragraph drives this point home. Clearly only someone with ties to the anime industry would be able to produce such insider information regarding the production of the anime, and the key staff involved. Not only this, but the author managed to include a hyperlink to one of his other reviews, A Place Further Than The Universe, just through discussion of the production. Very impressive.

The concise style that this author uses is very easy to read. I feel like every sentence is important, and adds to the review. He also manages to add his own personal thoughts in addition to this. The combination of these two elements is very well done, and leaves a professional impression on me.


To a reader unfamiliar with the Weeabros podcast, there could be a little confusion as to who Shawn is, and why the author is bringing up his opinion mid-review. However, I believe this is a very minor point of criticism that only applies to very new readers. And even then, I believe readers would figure out fairly quickly that Shawn is one of the Weeabros.

In fact, this is one aspect of this author’s review (and his reviews in general) that I quite enjoyed. It’s not very often an author has a second opinion that they can mention in their review! That in itself is very valuable. The author does an excellent job in providing multiple viewpoints to his review. It really does add value to the review, even if it is a subtle part of the review as a whole.

The author also manages to include their own opinion as to a flaw in the anime. Bold opinions such as this also help to give personality to a review, by going beyond the standard points of animation, sound, et cetera. and adding an interesting point of potential discussion.


Keeping with the theme of the review, the author’s conclusion is concise and effective. The final sentence leaves the reader with a positive impression of the anime, but also leaves the reader with the idea to not hold their expectations too high for the anime.

Scoring is also concise and was well justified throughout the review – no surprises or unexplained scores here.

Finally, I’d like to note the professionalism that we see through both the mention of where the anime can be found, as well as a disclaimer.

And that concludes the author’s review, but there is one topic I’d like to broach before we move onto the conclusion of the review review.

But first, a short word from one of our sponsors.

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I understand that I have been repetitive in this aspect, but the author’s writing style is very well done. Something that Master Yomu believes is important in a successful review is consistency throughout the review. If an author is going to write a casual review, they should keep this theme throughout the review. In this case, we have an example of a consistent professional writing style. The author uses their own balance between standard and personal opinions that leaves a very professional impression on the reader.

Of course, an entire review can be considered opinion, as different individuals can have opposing opinions on an aspect such as sound. That being said, these are not what Master Yomu likes to consider personal, or “value-added” opinions. Simply stating an opinion on animation quality is something that anyone can do, which is why Master Yomu refers to them as standard opinions. Discussing HOW the animation affected the anime, or WHY the animation improved the viewing experience are what can be considered value-added opinions. Bringing a more personal touch to the review by exploring the author’s experience with the anime beyond standard metrics. This is another reason for why having multiple opinions can add great value to a review.

With that in mind, the authors style leans more on the side of standard opinions, which creates an excellent standard review. The more personal opinions, the more personal the review becomes. The more standard opinions, the more standard the review becomes. Naturally, both of these aspects of a review are important, which is why I’d like to commend the author here for maintaining this consistency.

I cannot criticize an author for their choice of writing style. This review is definitely on the more professional side of reviews. Concise and important points, with some personal opinions mixed in at the right times. The perfect standard review.

If I were a publisher, this review would fit the bill perfectly.

And yet, I can’t help but feel like the review could have used more personality. This feels like one of those situations where the review is perfect on paper, but still lacks something. I think the best way to describe these feelings would be that I feel the author has much more potential to write reviews that really connect with the reader. I would love to see a review that really digs deeper into an anime, and brings more personality, both through Derek and Shawn’s opinions.

As I stated, I cannot strictly criticize the author for this, as by all means their review meets all standards from a professional standpoint. If this is the style that they prefer, that is fine as well.

Final Impressions & Rating

I could tell from the onset that this author had a particular writing style. Concise and professional. Every sentence of the review felt handpicked and important. This also demonstrated exactly why the author tends to write short reviews, which is neither a good nor bad thing. Reviews can come any length after all.

I will now provide an assessment of the review, as well as the rating I believe it has earned.

Points of Commendation:

  • Consistent writing style throughout the entire review.
  • Perfect grammar.
  • Use of multiple opinions provides added value, through a second perspective.
  • Excellent commitment to researching behind-the-scenes aspects of the anime’s production, and connecting this to other anime.

Areas of Focus:

  • The format of the post itself felt stiff and structured. Something to break up the content, such as images, a list, or a one line paragraph could help to alleviate this.
  • While the review contained personal opinions, it felt like it could use more of them.

All of this taken into consideration, the review receives a 8.4 / 10 rating. The review is very professional and well done, but the review hints that the author has potential to write even better reviews in the future.

My words for the author would be as follows: WeeaBroDerek, your review is absolutely professional and well written by all standards. But as a review reviewer, I believe that you have the potential to write a review that not only checks all of the boxes, but also creates a connection with the reader. A review that not only sparks great discussion, but leaves the reader feeling like they learned something new – this could be about the author, the anime, or even just a new perspective. Diving a little deeper into the anime or deviating a little more from standard reviewing points could help to accomplish this.

This concludes Yomu II’s review of WeeaBroDerek’s review of No Game No Life.


Master Yomu will be back next week, and so you can expect him to continue writing review reviews from now on. I appreciate this opportunity to write a review review, and hope that you will continue to support Master Yomu moving forward as well.

On that topic, Master Yomu is always looking for reviews to review. As a professional review reviewer, he will not review someone’s review unless it is requested beforehand. So if anyone would like to have one of their reviews reviewed, please feel free to comment below. It is always very appreciated, as we cannot review reviews without you all.

Until next time.
Thanks for reading.

13 thoughts on “Yomu II Reviews WeeaBroDerek’s Review of No Game No Life

  1. WeeaBroDerek

    “perfect on paper, but still lacks something”

    Story. Of. My. Life.

    I’m grateful that you have processed my review request in a timely manner, despite the complications.

    Yomu II, you may take this next statement with an idiomatic grain of salt, as I do not review reviews and hence lack true insight into the profession, but I believe you will one day make a fine review reviewer, should you continue your studies under the great Yomu himself.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thanks bro!

      And haha I hear ya. Think of this review review in a vacuum. Fact is, you have the podcast which already has more than enough personality, so really the reviews work great as an accompaniment to that. Unfortunately, we don’t review podcasts here, so we can’t really review reviews with them in that light.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yomu II should regular be a contributer on these review reviews here instead of being locked up in that dungeon. How frequently does Yomu let you see the light?

    Either way, fantastic job replacing him for this post, though I did notice the regular Yomu would have been slightly harsher here than you have been. You got a ways to go before replacing the one, and only great Yomu. You have great potential Yomu II.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. To be honest, Yomu has a thing for professional reviews, and being professional. This review review likely would have been much different through his eyes – he probably would have gushed over how professional far more than I (Yomu II) did.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. First time visiting (since I got a visit to my blog) and this is something new to me, the review reviews. It was a really interesting read and have to agree with Arsene_Lucifer, you should really do more writing.

    Will be back again to check out more content after some sleep but yeah, great work, look forward to more!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Justaway…I still call fraud! I was tempted to buy a Justaway last time but it just felt too fishy. They didn’t even provide a phone number! Yomu and Yomu II, for the reputation of your blog, I believe you should select your sponsors more carefully.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. These are so great. Such wonderful prose…a real tour de force that show cases your review reviewing prowess…it good.

    (I definitely DIDN’T write this comment to sneak my way into your testimonials…!)

    Liked by 1 person

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