Anime Word Association Round 2

A while back I did some anime word association, and I enjoyed it. And considering that’s what’s important, I’m back for some more!

The gist of this game is that I generate a random word here on and then write about the FIRST anime that comes to mind. Then I explain how I arrived at that anime. Plus bonus thoughts about the word, if I come up with anything.


So here we go.

Word #1 – Dialogue

Anime: Star Driver

I suppose a story isn’t really dialogue, but I thought of the girl in the cage telling that story about a boy on a fish planet, from Star Driver. It’s an anime I enjoyed, and that story she tells is my favourite aspect of the entire anime. Dialogue really could be anything, considering it’s a pretty important part of anime.

In the real world, I’ve got some dialogue related experience lately. Not just conversations either! The other day, I applied to 2 different jobs (that pay better than I used to make working full time), and got called for interviews to BOTH on the same day that I applied! Pretty crazy. So I already had one interview yesterday, and the other one will be on Tuesday. I destroy job interviews, so I’m certain that I’ll get an offer just from these interviews.


Word #2 – Linear

Anime: Vie Durant

I know, I know. I haven’t actually watched Vie Durant. But it’s fresh on my mind anyways, and it’s what came to my mind when I tried to think of a linear anime. I don’t want to break the rules after all! While Ei is a great character, and Glasses had his quirks, Hairband + Harris and the other guys were pretty two-dimensional. Pair that with the very one-dimensional plot and you’ve got a fairly linear anime. I think we all saw that ending coming from a mile away.

On a non-anime note, the only thing that comes to mind with this word is graphs. So here is something I saw recently that is graph related:

Made me laugh at least.

Word #3 – Orange

Anime: Code Geass

While I think his character got a little weird later on, this word almost instantly made me think of “Orange” from Code Geass. One of my favourite moments in the entire series. Especially when I rewatched it, I was cracking up watching the downfall of Jeremiah over that word. It was just such a genius way to take him down, by using the people’s suspicions against him using a random word that could potentially sound like some illegal secret plan.

As for the fruit, I’ve never been a big fan. To be honest, I don’t really eat fruit at all. I never really had any as a kid, and so now I just don’t really eat it. It’s not so much the flavour as it is the texture – fruits all have different textures that I think take a little getting used to. At least that’s how it is for me. Vegetables while they may be similar, they seem more similar once you cook them at least. Oranges in particular have a weird texture too.

This watermelon is special though.

Word #4 – Sample

Anime: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Sample and Re:Zero don’t really go together. The reason I thought of Re:Zero is because of the post I wrote the other day in regards to MAL reviews. I took samples of random reviews, and of the top reviews. And majority of the top reviews were for Re:Zero. I’m pretty sure like half of the first page of the most voted reviews on MAL are for Re:Zero. So that’s sort of how I arrived at that anime. I actually sat here thinking about the word sample for a while. I couldn’t think of a single anime using the term “free sample”, and eventually I tried “sample size” and got to Re:Zero that way.

Speaking of free samples though, I had one a little while ago at the grocery store. Is it weird to feel bad about accepting a free sample with no intention of buying the product? Anyways the sample was basically a little ball of deep fried chicken, the hors d’oeuvres kind. But it was pretty dry, so I think the sample if anything just discouraged me from buying the product. I guess free samples can backfire at times!

Word #5 – Rubbish

Anime: Seiken Tsukai no World Break

The word is rubbish, but it might as well be “British” because that’s immediately what I think of when I see / hear the word rubbish. Because they use the word rubbish, not because I think Britain is rubbish! I actually had to look up the name for this anime, because I thought of a scene from it, but forgot the name for it (it’s pretty generic to be fair). The scene I thought of was one where the protagonist and his friend are eating at some cafe, and the British character comes in to “test” the protagonist, before leaving.

I remember going to summer camp when I was in Grade 7, and one of the camp counselors was British. So he used to always say “rubbish” instead of “garbage”. As kids at the time we all thought that was funny, and we started saying rubbish the entire time we were on the trip. That’s probably my best memory related to this word. Oh, and the camp had tetherball, which was fun. I actually haven’t played tetherball since!


Bonus Word – Modernize

Anime: Vie Durant

I’m sorry! But seriously, I’m just following the rules! The reason I thought of Vie Durant for this word was a little convoluted. Basically I was thinking of modern furnishings and such, but no anime came to mind. So then I thought about urban sprawl, and big cities. Vie Durant popped into my mind because the anime features giant floating cities (disclaimer, it might not actually feature giant floating cities). Let’s be honest though, Vie Durant could use some modernizing. Fix up the audio, hire more VAs, get some properly flowing animation. It could probably upgrade itself to a 6/10 if it modernized. Add some new scenes with Ei and maybe it could do even better too.

The real world thought I have for this word is kinda weird. Basically I was talking to some people about the business prospects of opening a funeral home – less serious, and more just “if we did this, how would we do it, where would we open it, how much could we make… etc.”. Basically just throwing the idea around and discussing it for fun. And one of the thoughts related to that was that you wouldn’t want to make your funeral home “too modern”, because current modern style is too cold. If people are in mourning, you’d prefer to have a more warm look and feel to the place.The flip side is that we talked about potential features that current funeral homes don’t really offer, which would “modernize” the business in a sense as well.

So yeah, weird but that’s what came to mind for modernize from my personal life haha.


And that’s all for this episode of anime word association. I enjoy writing these, so while they might not be the most popular, I’ll probably keep doing them every now and then.

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

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