Yomu & Moyatori Present: Yomutori Sentiment!

Hey everyone!

Wow, have I got something exciting to share with you all!


So a little while back, a certain someone commented on my Unjust Life piano post:


A good question indeed.

And now we have an answer! Except Moya isn’t the only one doing the vocals!

I am excited to announce the first (of potentially many?) musical collab between myself and Moyatori! The song of choice for this collab is Yomutori Sentiment, a duet cover of Kogarashi Sentiment sung by Moyatori and I.

Is it better than the original? I’d like to believe so. My Japanese pronunciation is awful – I went into this thinking that it wouldn’t be so bad. Even when I was singing I didn’t realize how off my Japanese was, until listening to myself afterwards. But that’s all fine, because Moya’s angelic voice really shines through, making this song a true work of art.

It turned out much better than expected.

And with that, here it is. Yomutori Sentiment:

I figured Kogarashi Sentiment would make for a great collab, and I was right!

I would like to thank Moya especially for being so enthusiastic about the collab once I pitched the idea to her! I was still a little on the fence about it at the time, until I read her excited reaction. You’re the best Moya!

I’d also like to thank myself for joining in on the collab and using my high school audacity skills to put this piece together. Well done Yomu. (Your Japanese could use some work though).

So yeah, this was the first of potentially more collabs between us! I personally don’t have any ideas at the moment, but who knows what the future will bring?

Let us know what you think!

Until next time.
Thanks for reading. 🙂

I had a little fun making these pictures…

14 thoughts on “Yomu & Moyatori Present: Yomutori Sentiment!

  1. Okay… playing music on the WordPress browser is suffering!
    I watched this one sound thing of Kaiki+Senjou’s voice actors talking about making this song. Senjou’s VA was told to sing like she was doing karaoke… so I think this version captures the ‘essence’ of the song!

    Translation: Good job you two!

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  2. Well, this was “leaked” to me, but it’s still really nice hearing the real thing. As expected, the collaboration sounds good.
    Your Japanese though. Just like a true weeb trying to pronounce Japanese for the first time, haha. Totally not being carried by Moya 😉
    When is the collab with Irina doing the background pitches coming? (And I hope you do the piano again)

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  4. Moyatori has such a lovely voice, and then we got Yomu who sounds like he never spoke a single word of Japanese his entire life. You can’t fool me, it’s a fact all Canadians speak Japanese for their fifth language. You did good mixing the audio Yomu.

    To be honest, this sounded a lot better than I actually thought it would. Good work you two. When is the album coming out?

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    1. Not sure how I missed this comment! Just you wait friend, the next song my singing will blow everyone’s minds. I’ll do a million recordings if that’s that it takes.

      Yomutori™ album coming out late 2019.
      Expect more singles to be released until then.

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