Yomu Reviews Aria’s Non-Review of July 2018

Welcome back everyone to another review review. This time around we have a special non-review review, not to be confused with the standard review review. This was a special request by the author, Aria. I, Yomu, am a professional anime review reviewer, but this does not mean I can’t venture out from this framework from time to time. I am a flexible review reviewer, after all.

Previous review reviews can be found here.

Once again, thank you all for joining us.

Pictured: Yomu the Anime Review Reviewer

First, some kind words from our last review review:

“…professional…” – Plyasm

“Wonderful… the number 1 review reviewer there is.” – Arsene_Lucifer

“…genius…” – moyatori

“Woah… interesting review… interesting stuff…” – WhoAmI?

“Anxiously awaiting the master review reviewer’s next opus!” – EdgyAnimeTeen

And with that, it is time to conduct this non-review review. A quick reminder that this is not to be confused with a regular anime non-review. This is simply a review of the non-review, and not a review of the subjects not being reviewed in the non-review.

With my glasses polished, Antonio Salieri on the record player, and a beautiful view of the ocean from my typewriter, it is time to begin the non-review review.

The author in question, Aria, contacted me after my previous review review:


As you can see, the author is planning on transferring away from the review industry. It is true that reviews are of a very subjective nature. I myself was faced with the decision of whether or not to go into the review industry long ago – at the time I was young and ambitious. But even then the review industry was too daunting, and I made the decision to pioneer the review review industry instead.

The author also provided some feedback on the formatting of the last review review, which is always appreciated. Feedback from one writer to another, what could be better? Typically I submit review reviews to major newspapers, but lately my assistant has been distributing these review reviews on the “net”. I will do my utmost to display review reviews in the best manner possible.

But enough about me, Yomu, “Master” Yomu, the greatest anime review reviewer, entrepreneur, self-made pioneer of the review review industry, platinum in over 20 newspapers…

After viewing various works by Aria, I decided to review the article: Must-read Monthly Monday (July 2018 ed.) This non-review is essentially a chronicle of various works written during the month of July, 2018. It details works written by various authors, and also highlights works written by Aria.

Let’s begin the non-review review.


First off I’d like to draw some attention to feature image on the non-review. Absolutely brilliant. Was this work of art drawn by the author in question? For a writer to also dabble in drawing is truly impressive. To compliment one’s own words with one’s own drawing… this author has the makings of a truly great artist.


The author begins the non-review with a question, as well as a reference to their last non-review of this type (the June 2018 edition, I imagine). A question is an excellent way to begin a written work, engaging the audience to ponder the author’s words.

I will also point out that the author made the stylistic decision to not include a space before or after the ellipses. I prefer to include a space after an ellipses, but it is a personal decision. What is important with decisions like this is consistency.

The author specifies the period of time that the non-review covers. As this non-review is a chronicle, providing specific dates early on is a good idea. My only criticism here is that the author specifies “today” in the date range, but then proceeds to provide the date in parentheses anyways. While not a huge issue, there is a little redundancy present here as a result.

Before beginning the chronicle the author includes a navigation bar. In my countless years of reviewing reviews, I can state with confidence that this is the first time I have seen such a thing incorporated into a non-review. Simply astounding. Here is how it works: each segment of hyperlinked text will scroll the page to the associated header in the non-review. This is an advanced technique of the likes that I myself do not even possess.

I will also take the time now to point out that this chronicle is organized in bullet points. Judging by the content of this non-review, as well as the author’s feedback on my previous review review, I get the impression that this author is partial to bullet points. That being said, the bullet points used in this chronicle are very well done and not filled with too much text. This author clearly has a deep understanding of how to use bullet points.

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The chronicle begins with a confession that the chronicle may not be 100% accurate, as some works stated may not have been published in the specified date range. The honesty is admirable, and I believe will help to build a positive relationship with the viewers going forward. Humility is a key part of being a good writer, as I would know.

Next we have a reference to an author’s work that contains a run-on sentence. As I’ve mentioned before, run-on sentences are something that even the most professional writers struggle with. I imagine that the author in question here was still mentally taxed from including the navigation bar, and this is perfectly understandable. Sometimes it is best to take a break after implementing such advanced techniques.

The author continues with references to various author’s works, including their own opinions on the works as well as providing a summary of what to expect. The writing has a very personal touch to it, which I believe compliments what the author has set out to achieve in this non-review.


The author included another confession, this time hidden behind strikethrough text. Excellent use of strikethrough text. It tells the reader that while this sentence is redacted, they should read it anyways in order to understand what the author was thinking at the time they were writing this. Worry not Aria, your secret is safe with me.


I’d like for you all to pay close attention to the word that I have circled in red ink. The author has written the word “way” with seven “y”s, making it “wayyyyyyy”. Typically, the word “way” only contains one “y”. You may think that this was a spelling mistake, and this is definitely possible. I myself sometimes hold down a key for too long without noticing.

However, I would like to broach the possibility that this was actually intentional. You see, by purposely misspelling the word “way”, the author is attempting to convey an exaggeration. By adding additional “y”s to the end of the word “way”, the author leaves the impression that they are referring to a time that is VERY far in the past, as opposed to far in the past. I completely understand if any of you missed this, as it takes a trained eye to catch these advanced literary techniques.

I will advise that you all use caution when attempting this particular technique, as it can be easily mistaken for bad grammar, and overuse can feel overly repetitive.


Here we have another excellent use of strikethrough text. It seems that this author has a habit of including such confessions. As I previously mentioned, this is an excellent way to redact previous written words as well as provide the audience with some more personal thoughts / opinions. As a professional review reviewer, I am sworn to secrecy on the contents of this sentence.

I will also point out that the navigation bar appears throughout the chronicle, allowing for easy navigation throughout, and not just at the beginning of the non-review.


Nearing the end of the non-review, the author has graced us with what I believe is their personal drawing once again. To both begin and end a work with the same magnificent image is the sign of an author who truly understands literary structure.

As I reach this non-reviews conclusion, I will mention that the author was consistent in their use of no space after an ellipses.

This author is truly a literary professional.

Final Impressions & Rating

When I began this non-review, I thought of the author as someone who maybe lacked confidence in their ability to write reviews. I thought perhaps they were running away from writing reviews as a result. I was proven wrong. In fact, I now believe this author to be a literary genius similar to myself. Whether in the review industry, or some other industry, I have the utmost confidence in this writer’s abilities.

I will now provide my assessment of the non-review, as well as the rating I believe it has earned.

Areas of concern:

  • Minor redundancy when stating the date range that the chronicle covers.
  • Use of run-on sentence relatively early in the non-review.

Areas that show promise:

  • The inclusion of a hand-drawn image showcases the author’s talents both in writing and drawing.
  • Immaculate grammar, with the exception of a single run-on sentence.
  • Excellent use of bullet points.
  • Inclusion of a navigation bar is simply superb.
  • Skilled use of strikethrough text.
  • Intentional misspelling of a word in order to convey exaggeration was well done.
  • The personal tone of the non-review was easy to read and engaging. It feels like the author is conversing with the reader, which is fantastic for a non-review of this type.

All of this taken into consideration, Aria’s non-review receives a 9.12 / 10 rating. The author clearly possesses the skill required to write well crafted non-reviews. A true professional.

My words for the author would be to be careful of your literary prowess. This non-review was well written, but excessive use of advanced literary techniques (such as strikethrough text) can diminish their value. Try to take a break if you feel like you have overexerted yourself after using advanced techniques. Also, reviewing your own non-review before publishing is a great way to catch those very few mistakes that you may make.

This concludes my review of Aria’s non-review of July 2018.


If anyone would like to request my services, please let me know in the comments below. I review reviews free of charge and am always excited to review reviews for both newly established and veteran authors alike.

Until next time.
Thanks for reading.

18 thoughts on “Yomu Reviews Aria’s Non-Review of July 2018

  1. WeeaBroDerek

    Yomu, I want you to do me now.
    Ah– I– Don’t get the wrong idea! It’s not like I NEED your feedback or anything, B-B-Baka! But I was thinking maybe you could take a look at one of my reviews… Like, most are pretty short (500 words or less), but you’d have more to analyze if you pick one like Violet Evergarden, Another, No Game No Life, possibly DarliFra, or any of the others that look a little longer.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WhoAmI?

    The mental prowess of Yomu can be said to be equal—no, above even Albert Einstein. His in depth analyses of both reviews AND non-reviews shows that he is not merely a one-trick pony, and rather a multi-talented entrepreneur! His keen eye misses nothing; not even the smallest mistake escapes the critical eye of Yomu. But he also gives credit where it is due, and is generous with his compliments! Yomu is truly the best review and non-review reviewer!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Where’s the affiliate link for a Justaway?
    I would like to point out that I don’t believe the “run-on sentence” is a run-on sentence; the use of “so” actually connect the clauses in a grammatically correct way? It’s true that double “so” can be a little redundant though.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m not sure. You’d have to contact them directly. I agreed to have them sponsor my post but they didn’t provide any other details other than what you see here.

      And it looks like you are right, I didn’t realize that “technically” as long as you keep using conjunctions its not a run on sentence. I’ve always thought it was because it reads like one. This feels like a flaw in the rules of grammar! What’s to stop someone from creating a never-ending sentence this way?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s a fabulous non-review review, the likes of which no review reviews have reached yet (both in score and in quality)…

    …That silly aside over, I guess it really does take a second pair of eyes to figure out a person’s idiosyncracies (although I did point out a bunch of these techniques in the 100 followers post that came out within a day of this). /Probably/ should’ve been more specific on the fact these are a bad choice for reviewing (since I copy-paste to get page-jumps in place every month – oh, the blasphemy!), but I’ll take what I got.

    Honestly, the image of the book was meant to be a backup in case a different image didn’t work out, so I’m glad it got a lot of praise. Having the image at the top was unintentional, though, and you should blame the blog settings for that…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I guess the theme automatically sets the first image as feature image? I have to manually do that for mine.

      Either way, I really liked this post. It’s the best “recap” blog post I’ve seen (sorry other bloggers that do recap posts like this), which is why I wanted to use it.


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  6. Fact: Your review review have the ability to cure people’s blindness. They’re that good.

    Man, Aria was so close to that perfect rating. Something tells me that Justaway you used man you further aware of the smallest mistake than ever before. Seems like nothing will escape your critical eye.

    Liked by 1 person

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