Grancrest Senki Halfway Thoughts

Hmm.. normally I don’t write my halfway thoughts. But there are some things I wanted to write about Grancrest Senki so far, and I’m worried that they won’t be relevant enough in the second half of the anime to bother writing about in my final thoughts post. So a halfway post it is.

Grancrest Senki is a pretty lucky anime, getting 3 posts from me. If you missed it, you can find my predictions for the anime here. I’ll also be writing another post seeing how they held up + final thoughts once I’ve finished the anime. But for now I had a couple of things on my mind that I wanted to write about.

This one shouldn’t be too long of a post anyways.

This guy was a total show-off. Why don’t you use a proper weapon dude?

First off I’ll mention that 12 episodes in, I’m loving Grancrest Senki. Mainly the setting, but I am really enjoying the anime overall anyways. A fictional medieval fantasy with magic and warring kingdoms is just one of my favourite settings, even if it’s pretty common.

Now this doesn’t mean I think Grancrest Senki is perfect. And in particular, there are two areas in which I think the anime could have done better.


First is the lack of a clear picture of the world. The anime shows us a map every once in a while, but it’s not enough. I love watching all the different lords plan out their military strategies: naming kingdoms to keep an eye on, vulnerabilities, where to attack, et cetera. But they don’t show me a map of all of this! I think once I saw a map that was zoomed in and I could only see a few kingdoms..

Why can’t Grancrest Senki just show us a big map of what is happening? I just want an idea of which domains are in the Factory Alliance versus the Union, and where they are all located in the world. There are more than enough scenes where characters are naming names and making plans, and I have no idea what that really means because I don’t know where any of the Lords / kingdoms are located.

A quick example of an anime that did it right, and actually showed us a map of what was happening quite frequently was Lord Marksman and Vanadis. Lord Marksman was a great fantasy anime that had a lot of military elements just like Grancrest Senki does: characters planning and forming strategies and trying to predict enemy movements. But we actually were shown a map of what was happening, consistently throughout the anime. So it felt much more engaging and enjoyable.

It really is a simple concept that adds so much. All these military discussions in Grancrest Senki are neat and all, but they are kind of a waste considering I can’t properly follow along as I have no clue what the map looks like. It’s possible that we got to see a map at one point, but it’s really not enough. It shouldn’t be possible to miss something like that, nor should I have to study a map that is only shown once just to follow along later. Just show us an updated map as the war goes on, so we can properly follow along with the war!

So that’s my first suggestion to Grancrest Senki.

My next thought contains some minor spoilers, just a heads up.

I’m guessing everyone else also loves this cat right?

Episode 12 Decision

The second issue I have is with something that happened in episode 12. So I knew from the start that Theo was going to be that “harem protagonist” type who is just unable to make decisions for himself, and instead just lets the people around him make decisions for him. He did manage to actually make his own decision to drop his titles / domain for Siluca. Good for him, although that is the type of decision a “harem protagonist” would make (sacrificing himself for the girl).

But I just thought, wouldn’t it have been better if Theo was the one to decide to go to Sistina in the middle of the war?

Siluca is the logical one, who is always making the decisions. She is constantly figuring out the most logical solutions, and Theo usually follows along with them. The thing is, going to Sistina in the middle of a war with no troops isn’t exactly logical. In fact, Siluca’s plan was for Theo to gain status and power on the mainland before going to Sistina; so why would she suggest they go now?

It just makes more sense to me that Theo would be the one to make that decision, not Siluca. The situation just makes more sense if Siluca suggests they attack here or flank the enemy or whatever, and then Theo says “No. Now is the perfect time to go to Sistina.”. Then Siluca can be all “Huh?! That’s not logical. Why would we go to Sistina now?”, but then Theo would convince her that it would be all right. Theo is the type who follows his heart – and going back to liberate his homeland in the middle of a war on the mainland with no troops feels more like a decision from the heart; because it’s just not logical.

If Theo and Siluca are able to liberate Sistina on their own, then why couldn’t they produce similar results in more immediate and important areas on the mainland?

I’m fine with the overall decision, because it sets up that whole “save the day” situation down the road. But I don’t like the fact that Siluca was the one who came up with it. It just felt out of character, and also like a good opportunity to make Theo seem like more than just a mindless “harem protagonist” who just goes with the flow.

Why doesn’t everyone use crazy powerful crossbows like these? They’re like medieval RPGs.

That’s it for the minor spoilers.

Oh and one other minor thing I wanted to bring up was that girl who leads the Factory Alliance. It sort of ties into something interesting I learned recently, which is that in medieval times, female rulers were more likely to go to war than male rulers. From what I see now on google, they were 27% more likely to go to war. Interesting isn’t it? And I think that this Factory Alliance girl is actually a good example of why that is, or at least my theory for it. Many female rulers probably felt like they had more to prove than their male counterparts, and so they were more likely to make harsh / bold decisions as a result. To make a statement or something like this. It certainly feels like this is the case with this Factory Alliance leader. I’m sure there are other factors, but this is just something I noticed and figured I’d throw out there.


And those are all my noteworthy thoughts so far for Grancrest Senki.

Did anyone else feel the same way about these things?
Especially the lack of maps, I can’t be alone in this.

Despite these aspects that I feel could have been done better, I am still enjoying the anime. I’m looking forward to seeing what type of environment Sistina is, and I hope that the anime keeps us updated on the status of the war on the mainland. But really I don’t know if they’ll manage to do this, I’m starting to have my doubts about the anime’s ability to give me the information I want.

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

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