Glad I decided to watch Hinamatsuri! I expected an excellent comedy, and Hinamatsuri provided me with an excellent comedy. In fact, I’d say that Hinamatsuri is up there as one of the better comedies I’ve watched lately. Plus Hinamatsuri is a cool name for an anime. Hinamatsuri.

I always find it difficult to write about comedies, because of the distinct lack of plot, and the fact that the settings are usually pretty average (school, city, etc.). So I’ll see what I can do. I was debating not even writing about Hinamatsuri, but I did get some nice screencaps that I want to use so I might as well write a couple words describing my thoughts of it. So you can expect a lot of screencaps.

I’ll try not to spoil anything, but I will be talking about the characters. So there may be some mild spoilers ahead.


What were some of my favourite aspects of Hinamatsuri? Naturally, the characters were top notch. Characters such as Hina, Anzu, that bartender girl, that cool homeless guy… yeah I’m pretty bad with names (both in anime and real life) but please believe me when I say I liked the cast.

And so we get a comedy about a level-headed yakuza who is surrounded by girls in wacky situations. I originally thought the girls themselves were going to be wacky, but after thinking about it, I realized that most of them were actually pretty normal. It was in fact their situations that were the “X factor”, so to speak. The bartender girl is a great example of this. Anzu as well, especially during the earlier episodes. Both characters when you look at them in isolation are normal girls with a few shortcomings. Neither character was particularly quirky enough on their own to create comedy – only when you place them into an odd situation does the comedy arise.


Another comedy anime that Hinamatsuri really reminded me of is D-Frag! which I recently re-watched. Both Hinamatsuri and D-Frag! have a similar cast setup: the “good guy delinquent straight man” and “bunch of wacky female characters”. But what Hinamatsuri did much better was use a larger environment / setting, as well as a slightly more diverse cast. D-Frag was solely a high school setting, Hinamatsuri felt less constrained in comparison. I guess Hinamatsuri just had more options, and was able to do more. But they aren’t the exact same type of comedy, as D-Frag! was more character driven comedy, whereas Hinamatsuri felt more situation driven.

If I had to pick something to gripe about, I’d say that I don’t fully understand the point in giving Hina and Anzu telekinetic powers. For the first few episodes I sort of got the impression that they would be a major factor in the anime, causing crazy situations and whatnot. Instead, the anime just forgot about them completely for multiple episodes at a time. Most comedic situations had nothing to do with the powers at all. I don’t think they needed to be front and center, but I’m not sure why they didn’t try and make use of them more. The only character that actually made good use of her powers was that red haired girl – I feel like Hinamatsuri dropped the ball a bit with Hina and Anzu in comparison.


If I had to choose a favourite character, I’d choose Anzu. She was just way too adorable. Her progression throughout the anime was great, she really changed a lot. Maybe too much? I’m not completely sure, but I really loved watching her learn from the homeless guy / community, and then move up from there. Absolutely adorable. Up until now I always considered Maes Hughes’ family to be the model anime family; but now I am thinking that any family that includes Anzu is definitely up there as well!


Hina felt a little generic. Is it just me, or does it feel like the “lazy, hungry girl” character is too common these days? Hina was a mix of two things: “lazy, hungry girl” and “clueless”. Both led to some very funny moments, but I felt like the “clueless” part of her character played a larger role. Either way, both aspects of her character played off each other very well. I don’t hate the “lazy, hungry girl” character, but I am getting a little tired of it.


The protagonist (also forget his name) was all right, but a little boring. I understand why they would make him the nice guy, in order to set him up as the straight man as well as someone who was willing to put up with Hina. I would have liked to see him be at least a little more badass, but in reality Hinamatsuri isn’t necessarily about him – it’s about everyone around him.


It feels weird to write about these major characters of Hinamatsuri like this. Normally the characters are king when it comes to a comedy. And yet, Hinamatsuri’s cast wasn’t really like that. The main duo, Hina and yakuza guy, both felt bland to me. Anzu was more adorable than anything else. Bartender girl was a normal girl for the most part. Homeless guy was just a nice homeless guy. See what I mean? The characters themselves are just not that quirky.

Compared to Gintama, or Saiki K., where the casts are packed with quirks, Hinamatsuri’s characters felt pretty regular. Not saying this is a bad thing, it’s just weird for me to step back and think about. In the end nice to see an anime manage to work so well without relying on character quirks so much. It’s refreshing.

At least, that’s what I got out of Hinamatsuri.

Maybe I am just desensitized to anime character quirks? D-Frag! had quirkier characters, and they didn’t even have superpowers! Yet somehow in my opinion Hinamatsuri is the better comedy. I guess this just goes to show that quirks aren’t everything. You can in fact create excellent comedy without completely relying on wacky characters. Who would have thought?


That’s about all I’ve got for Hinamatsuri. It’s a funny anime. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for a new comedy. You should also check out D-Frag! if you like Hinamatsuri, they still are pretty similar. Also The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. is a classic and my personal favourite comedy anime. Still need to watch Nichijou at some point!

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

11 thoughts on “Hinamatsuri.

  1. Nice! EAT approves!

    D-Frag may have had quirkier characters, but their quirks overpowered their actual personality. Hinamatsuri has a much better balance, which leads to some pretty endearing characters…
    Which is why I like it as a comedy and as an anime much better than D-Frag.

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    1. Yeah it definitely did a better job than D-Frag.

      That being said it’s no Gintama or Saiki K., so I feel like its more of a “did a good job creating situation based comedy, but could have done a better job with the characters”.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Eh…
        I kinda really like the characters tbh…
        Not really for how they are individually, but kinda how they work as a set to explore the themes of society and family. Not really a masterpiece, but I thought the characters were better than average. (except for maybe Hina, cus *gohan*)

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  2. Glad you enjoyed this one. Even though I like Hina, and the main Yakuza dude the supporting cast easily overshadowed them. Especially Anzu who had the best arc in the season. Have to agree on the powers not being used fully. I expected them to be used more frequently than they, but they weren’t. Same with the first episode setting up events three years into the future, and only having half of an episode take place in that future.

    I also saw D-Frag years ago, and liked the quirky characters in that. However, the story in this helps it stand out more beyond being a series of just jokes. Helps that they actually grow as characters instead of maintaining the status quo as tend to be the case for comedies.

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    1. Yeah good point there. Anzu stood out so much as a character because of that development. And she was easily the best character of the anime. Comedy anime need to experiment with this more!

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  3. thetsundokuchronicles378599684

    I’ve seen so much about Hinamatsuri lately it’s made me curious to check it out for myself. Will definitely have to add this to my watch list.

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