Anime Meets Hearts of Iron IV

Yomu is back with another anime game. But it’s not actually an anime game, just a game with an anime mod. The game is Hearts of Iron IV, a WW2 grand strategy game that I have sunk many hours into. Only I don’t play the unmodded, original game. I play using the Kaiserreich mod, which is an overhaul of the game that puts the world into an alternate timeline where Germany won WW1.

(Here is a link of the alternate history timeline, if you are interested. It’s a very in depth undertaking, with a lot of detail and thought put into it).

And the Kaiserreich mod just happens to have an anime mod, that changes the portraits for all of the nation leaders and generals to anime girls, as well as some background images. What could be better than that?

Edit – While I never ended up finishing this game, I do have a more recent successful game played as Bulgaria that you can find here.


I thought I’d show a few screenshots of the recent playthrough I started. It’s pretty laughable how adding anime art to something like this makes it more enjoyable to me when the gameplay itself is the exact same. But it’s definitely one thing I’ve noticed – anime is becoming more prominent in games. Through mods, Steam opening up to multitudes of Japanese anime games, and big ticket anime-esque games like Nier: Automata. It’s pretty neat to see, and I certainly enjoy it.

So here we have Hearts of Iron IV, using the Kaiserreich mod (+ anime art mod).

The general gist of Kaiserreich is that Germany won WW1. This caused turmoil in France and Britain, and as a reaction the countries both adopted an ideology called Syndicalism. I don’t know the full details on it, but I believe it is a form of Communism that is centered around trade / labour unions. Anyways, this caused the world to be divided. You have Germany and their allies, which are largely authoritarian. Then there is France, Britain, and their allies, which are Syndicalist. And finally there is the Entente, an alliance that carried over post-WW1. There are also other major power-houses with Austria, Japan, and Russia that never fail to stir the pot in someway.

So what you need to know here is that if Germany won WW1, the world would be a better place where anime is real.

I don’t really want to dig into the game mechanics because I’d end up spending a lot of this post doing so. Instead I’d rather just showcase some of the events of the playthrough so far and show what happens in this scenario. The AI doesn’t always make the same decisions so not every game plays out the same, although many events are scripted and always happen. You’ll get a general idea of how the game operates anyways, minus the technicalities. At it’s peak, the world will be engulfed in war.

First I had to choose a country, and considering that a recent update has really shaken up North America, I decided to play as my home country: the Dominion of Canada.

The Dominion of Canada, led by King George V, became the leader of the Entente. Prominent nations in the Entente are the Kingdom of France (French Algeria, French leadership fled France after the country went Syndicalist), India (although India is split into 3 separate nations which could break out into civil war at any moment), the Australasian Confederation (which consists of Australia, New Zealand, and various islands in the area), and the West Indies Federation (which actually existed for 4 years from 1958-1962 in real life, and consists of Jamaica and various other islands).

The Entente starts out fairly weak at the outset of the game, which begins in 1936. But over time they have the potential to become one of the strongest factions in the world.


Just like in real life, thanks to the United States, Canada really has nothing to worry about early on. My overall goal will be to reclaim Britain, and bring the British royal family back to their rightful position as leaders of the British Empire. There are various things that I have to do in order to prepare for this and build up a strong military / economy.

The first thing that happens with Canada is the death of King George V. It’s a tragic, untimely death. He is succeeded by King Edward VIII, a rather dashing anime gal.

King Edward VIII pictured top left. I also wanted to give you a snapshot of Europe at this time.

With a new king at it’s helm, Canada takes the lead role in making decisions for the Entente and it’s members. You can make decisions regarding support for India, Australasia, and the West Indies Federation. Naturally I supported them all, because as former colonies we must stick together in these troubling times.

But this didn’t last long. Australasia had other plans, and a revolution caused the confederation to turn Syndicalist (this doesn’t normally happen, but can as we see here it can). Now called the Australasian Union, they were no longer a part of the Entente, as we don’t allow syndicalist scum into our alliance.

Their new leader looks so smug.

Other than this though, the early game went smoothly. I built factories and produced weapons. I researched various things, such as computing, industrial advances, army tactics, and weaponry. I really like to use tanks in my army composition, but it’s generally pretty expensive to produce them right away, so I have to settle for standard infantry with artillery support.

Here is an image of what Asia looks like in this game also. I was thinking about playing as Japan, seeing as this is an anime game now, but decided to hold off because I believe the next big patch will be making big changes to China (or the many nations that comprise China, as you can see). Mongolia, in an alliance with Tibet, has attacked the Ma Clique. I don’t really know much about the Ma Clique, but Mongolia usually takes them on in this timeline.

Japan starts with Fengtian (Manchuria) as a puppet, as well as the Transamur Republic (Vladivostok & province). They also occupy Korea and Taiwan.

After some time has passed, I am approached with the opportunity to bring Australasia back to the good side, and back to the Entente. A prominent military man in the union is planning to stage a coup on the government, and asks Canada for support. Naturally, I supported the plan. The colonies stick together.


The plan was a success, and the Australasian Confederation was back in the Entente under a National Populist government. They may have traded one extreme ideology for another, but we’ll take what we can get. The new government supports the royal family, which is good for us.

For the next year nothing notable happened. There was a war in the Middle East between the Ottoman Empire and Egypt, who was joined by Iran. Mongolia annexed the Ma Clique, and proceeded to betray Tibet and annex them as well (never trust Mongolia).

I essentially dissolved Canadian Parliament and instituted a monarchy, under King Edward VIII. The new authoritarian democratic position is currently unpopular, but the people will soon come to understand that we need a strong leader in these uncertain times. So the Dominion of Canada is now called the Kingdom of Canada.

But in 1937 the action kicked off. The second American Civil War began. America fragmented into four nations: The Pacific States of America, The United States of America, The American Union State (South), and The Combined Syndicates of America.

Being a prominent military power in the area, I “liberated” Upstate New York and other Northeastern states from the United States and created an independent state, called New England. They also become a part of the Entente, further expanding the alliance. I also seized the Panama Canal, as well as Alaska. The Americans are too busy fighting to do anything about it.


The beauty of the second American Civil War is that both Mexico and myself (Canada) get to sit at the border and bide our time. If we see an opportunity to jump in and take some land, we will do just that. Right at the outset however, I was still training some extra infantry divisions and waiting on some important research to finish. So the key was to wait and let them fight amongst themselves.

By the way, here are the leaders for the Combined Syndicates of America and New England. Figure I should showcase some more of the anime portraits from the anime mod.



After some time had passed, the original United States of America had capitulated. The Pacific States of America had signed a white peace with the other two factions locked in combat. Mexico also used this opportunity to attack the Pacific States.

At this point, the Combined Syndicates of America had a solid chance at winning the war. I was already itching to get in the action, and I couldn’t let them win and be stuck with a syndicalist neighbour after the war. So I hopped in the war and attacked from the North. Naturally the whole Entente joined me in taking down the Combined Syndicates of America.


The goal was to seize their capital, Chicago, and the surrounding area. They have a lot of factories there and so taking Chicago + Detroit takes away a lot of their production. The war between the two American factions had almost spread coast to coast at this point. There was no way the Combined Syndicates could hold two fronts this wide.

I should have gotten some more screenshots of the war. Basically, the plan worked like a charm. The Entente and I captured many of the important manufacturing cities to the North, and the Union State pushed back. Eventually the Combined Syndicates capitulated. At the peace conference, I managed to gain Michigan, New York Island, and New Jersey. Mexico had taken down the Pacific States and now occupied the entire West Coast of the former USA.


Eventually I gave New York + New Jersey to New England, and kept Michigan as part of Canada. Michigan has a lot of aluminum which is useful for weapons production.

And this is as far as I’ve gotten for now. Reclamation of Britain will have to wait. At the time that I stopped, the Union State was justifying war against Mexico. This could be a nice opportunity to attack the Union State in order to gain more land for myself (and New England). Considering I have started producing medium tanks and self-propelled artillery, I think I have a good shot at taking down the Union State.

That being said, the Commune of France & allies (including Britain) have declared war on the German Empire & allies. So Europe is currently at war. The Kingdom of France, which is part of the Entente, declared war on the Commune of France at this time, so I was pulled into this war. It means I could use this opportunity to help the German Empire & allies, and reclaim Britain for King Edward VIII as his birthright.

But the American Union State hates me (for taking Alaska, the Panama Canal, New England, and now Michigan) and there’s no telling how long I would have before they would come after me, after dealing with Mexico. So we will have to see what happens in this precarious situation.

Anyways, that’s my ongoing playthrough of Hearts of Iron IV, with the Kaiserreich mod (+ anime mod). I know the game itself isn’t really anime, but there is some anime in there (enough to justify me wanting to post this 🙂 ) and the sequence of events can be very interesting.

Please let me know what you all think, if you enjoyed this sort of story-telling form of a playthrough. I would gladly continue this at some other time if people are interested in seeing what happens next.

I don’t cheat or save scum, so whatever happens I let it happen. If I lose, I lose, and it’s happened many times before when I’ve gotten too ambitious.

It’s also a lot of fun to tell the story like this.

Anyways, feel free to provide opinions on this type of post. Also if anyone has any questions regarding the game / scenario feel free to ask!

Until next time.
Thanks for reading!

8 thoughts on “Anime Meets Hearts of Iron IV

  1. This reminds me of when I used to read ‘one-tags’ of EU4…
    “So what you need to know here is that if Germany won WW1, the world would be a better place where anime is real.”
    So the key to making anime real is BLOOD AND IRON? I always knew Bismarck was ahead of his time… (Just like he was a few years ahead of being relevant in WW1)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a fair price to pay.

      And yeah, too bad Kaiser Wilhelm II didn’t agree on much with Bismarck. Things may have been different back then if Kaiser hadn’t dismissed Bismarck from his office.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like Wilhelm II, he was more badass than people give him credit for.
        The victors write the history books so to speak, so naturally most people talk of him negatively seeing as Germany lost.

        Liked by 1 person

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