Yomu Reviews EdgyAnimeTeen’s Review of ChäoS;HEAd

Welcome back everyone, it’s time for a special post! I will be reviewing EdgyAnimeTeen’s review of ChäoS;HEAd – which can be found here. Not to be confused with an actual anime review, I am solely reviewing EdgyAnimeTeen’s review, not the anime itself. I’ll try my utmost to be a fair and unbiased reviewer as I conduct this review of EdgyAnimeTeen’s review.

Pictured: Yomu the Anime Review Reviewer

And in case anyone is wondering, I have his full permission as you can see here:


So with that, let’s get to it.

Initial disclosure, I am reviewing this review as it is seen on EdgyAnimeTeen’s blog, and not the WordPress Reader. Why? So that I can criticize his featured image, which is cut off on his blog. As a result, the two girls in the featured image are missing the top half of their heads. While this perhaps is limited to desktop resolutions, it reveals a lack of attention to the finer details. Not off to a good start it seems.

Next we look at the title of the post: Chaos; Head is edgy and terrible! Anyone else see what I see? First, the anime is spelled ChäoS;HEAd, with no space in the middle. Second, many words that comprise the title are not capitalized. Now this is not required, but as a review reviewer I tend to view capitalized words in titles as more professional.

Moving on.

The first words of the post are a continuation of the title – which gives more credit to the choice of leaving the title words not capitalized. Very clever use of a first sentence, playing off the title like that. Very nice indeed.

We are treated with a image of a boy surrounded by girls, and a witty caption. I must say this made me chuckle. Despite the initial hiccups, it seems we are off to a good start with this review.


While an entire line containing only “…” is certainly unprofessional, I will let it slide for now. I will keep a close eye on whether the author continues this habit, or if it was just a one time occurrence. The author has chosen to use short paragraphs consisting of one to three sentences. Good for keeping the audience from getting lost in the text, but also leaves a disjointed impression. Excellent use of the bold text to draw the audience’s attention.

The content itself does a fair job at explaining the author’s reasoning behind enjoying the anime. We are also treated with some interesting information about the anime and how it relates to other anime. Brilliant use of an image that directly reveals this connection shared between ChäoS;HEAd and Steins;Gate. I notice an image that is much too small to be properly seen, perhaps a slight mistake on the author’s part.

While I feel that the use of the exclamation point is a tad excessive, the content both flows nicely and provides an interesting take on the anime and how it was perceived by the author, EdgyAnimeTeen. Nice attempt at using brackets to display an off-hand comment regarding the anime’s music – unfortunately we are missing punctuation at the end of this sentence. The author did well in using italic text to subtly draw attention to specific words or titles.


I can’t help but notice some inconsistency in the size of images, with some being much larger than others. The use of vulgar language to convey a strong point is well done, albeit unprofessional.

Moving on.


The author made an interesting choice to intentionally use run-on sentences to convey a point – risky, but I feel that it paid off. The use of italic text tells me that the author fully understood the risks and carefully outlined his point.

A seemingly random image certainly is questionable, and the left alignment leaves a bad impression… my word! Bold text on vulgar language?! The failure to disclose the use of such words, as well as the audacity to emphasize them is astounding! This would not bode well with publishers.

Midway through the review the author has constructed some excellent paragraphs looking at some of his questions and observations about the anime and it’s characters. Great conclusion to the author’s opinions regarding the anime’s failure to construct a proper cast of characters and how this was a detriment to the anime. Very nice reference to another anime that the author believes to have been more successful in this area (although I notice yet another failure to punctuate the sentence in which brackets are used).

The author has chosen to embed a YouTube video containing the opening for the anime, which is very fitting and provides a much needed break from the textual content of the review thus far. Continuing on there are a few well constructed paragraphs wrapping up the author’s previous thoughts. Fantastic use of hyperlink text to refer the audience to one of the author’s other posts. Yet again I simply must point out another failure to punctuate the sentence in which brackets are used.


As you can see here, the author had some sort of breakdown mid-review. Normally I would recommend redacting such words once composure has been regained. The author decided to move on after explaining the situation instead.

The review concludes with the author providing some expectations for the sequel, ChäoS;Child, and some inspiring words on how individuals should live.


After reading the review, I engaged the author in some conversation following the publishing of his review. His responses were very cordial and prompt. While this doesn’t affect the rating, it is much appreciated to see authors still willing to engage their audience in this way.

Final Impressions + Rating

Of all the reviews I have reviewed, this one has been the most unprofessional by far. Despite this, the review has many qualities that create value for the audience, as well as many impressive technical and textual features. I will now provide my assessment of this review, as well as the rating I feel it has earned.

Many instances of improper punctuation, vulgar language, misaligned images as well as disproportionate use of images. Excessive use of exclamation points and entire lines only containing “…”. The mid-review breakdown left me confused as to the author’s intentions.

The content itself flows nicely and is easy to follow. The ideas and opinions explored add value to the review. Many images were used perfectly to transition ideas or aid in illustrating the author’s opinions. The use of bold, italic, and hyperlink texts was very well done. The author’s choice to intentionally use run-on sentences to convey a point was an excellent display of writing skill, one that I have not witnessed in many years of reviewing reviews. The positive message at the end of the review leaves the audience with an uplifting impression of the review.

Everything considered in this review, EdgyAnimeTeen’s review receives a 6.52 / 10 rating. While the content is of very high quality, the consistent lack of professionalism left a sour impression of the review.

My words for the author would be to make an attempt at studying the basics, and try to not let your emotions get the best of you while writing a review. If you make a mistake, try and correct it instead of moving on. Don’t feel too pressured to get the review done quickly and focus more on creating a quality review. Finally, try and get into the habit of reviewing your review before publishing; it’s a great way to catch mistakes and re-think your initial writing approach.

This concludes my review of EdgyAnimeTeen’s review of ChäoS;HEAd. If anyone would like to request me to review one of their reviews, please let me know in the comments.

Not that I want to review more reviews or anything…

Until next time!
Thanks for reading.

12 thoughts on “Yomu Reviews EdgyAnimeTeen’s Review of ChäoS;HEAd

  1. WeeaBroDerek

    I’d chalk that feature image display up to your screen resolution. It looked fine on my mobile device.

    Sooo you have more than one of these review of reviews? Do you have a tag or category for em? This was a good read. It seems like a decent writing excercise, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The lack of professionalism is a FEATURE, not a flaw!
    … At least that’s what I tell myself.
    Great job, Yomu the Anime Review Reviewer! You’ve done it again. You are the standard to which all review reviewers aspire towards, and I can only bow my head in reverence to your years of experience in reviewing reviews. They are of a certain transcendent quality, unmatched by us commoners. (without such immaculate facial hair)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s an art that very few can achieve, no doubt about that. And even fewer can survive in this industry. I can already see that you have made an effort to improve (but it seems you still have much to work on).

      Liked by 1 person

    1. But of course, the first review is always free. At an undisclosed time, you can expect me to review an undisclosed review of yours. Naturally the details must remain confidential – just like food critics, review reviewers strike when you least expect it! (As long as we have permission beforehand of course).

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Got to admit this was a more interesting read than I expected. Never read a review of a review before. I expected you to be quite savaged, but no, this turned out to be more constructive than I thought. I usually don’t think about these things when I read reviews myself, but think I will in the future. Will also help me improve on writing my own stuff since there’s always room for improvement.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. A true professional review reviewer maintains a complete unbiased opinion when reviewing reviews.

      Jokes aside, I’m happy to hear that people thought the post was useful! It wasn’t my original intention to be so constructive, but it turned out that way which is great. I’ll have to keep all of this in mind for the next review that I review 🙂


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