Old vs. New Anime + I’m Back!!

I’m back in Ontario! After approx. 48 hours of driving across Canada, I’m back at home in Ontario. I probably shouldn’t be posting on my blog right now seeing as I’ve been up for 36 or so hours, but I want to wait till the evening to sleep so I don’t mess up my sleep schedule. So enjoy this sleep deprived post 🙂

My only camera is my old Galaxy S3 phone (wide angle lens) and I didn’t get any good pictures, everything looks tiny with this phone camera. Wish I had some nice pictures to share, sorry! Also this was my second time making this trip, and it was still pretty rough at times. Lots of driving, and my car doesn’t have cruise control.
That being said, some quick tidbits from the trip:

  • Road construction sucks (I know its necessary but..).
  • There is no traffic in the prairies, even their rush hour is a joke (might just be my Ontario bias here).
  • The scenery is amazing – mountains, rolling hills, flat fields, trees, lakes and more!
  • Ontario is literally half the drive – I can drive from Vancouver to Winnipeg in the time it takes to drive from Winnipeg to Toronto.
  • Lake Superior might as well be the ocean as far as I’m concerned.
  • The Trans-Canada highway is amazing.
  • Sunrise / sunset in the prairies is breathtaking.
  • The 401 (Ontario highway) still sucks.
Yomu is back in Ontario baby!

Anyways, let’s talk at least a little about anime. While I was on this trip I was thinking about old vs. new anime. I am currently watching an older anime (pre-2000) and loving it. The thing is that sometimes I tend to shy away from older anime – mainly because of the older animation / sound quality that usually takes a few episodes for me to get used to. But once I get used to it, I almost always end up really enjoying the anime, despite these things. It’s sort of like books for me – I’m always slow / lazy to start them, but once I do, I end up diving right in and thinking “why was I reluctant to start this?”

Now I’m not going to get into which is better, or anything like that. The fact is that I’m pretty biased, because I started watching anime around 2013. I haven’t watched enough “classics” to be able to make an argument one way or another. A good anime is a good anime I think.

While I was driving I thought of something that is a pretty good comparison to how I feel about old vs. new anime. I briefly mentioned this in my “Farewell Vancouver” post, but I listen to a lot of electronic / melodic dubstep music. I also used to listen to a lot of techno in high school, and that’s what made me think of this parallel.

The classic anime smirk.

Techno is like old anime. It’s a simpler form of electronic music. Simpler melodies, less layers. But despite the simplicity of techno, the melodies are really catchy. Many techno songs have this charm to them that I can’t quite explain. I guess the best way to sum it up is that techno is simplistic and catchy. To this day I still listen to my old techno playlist from time to time and enjoy it.

Compare that to modern electronic music, which is like modern anime. More complex, many layers, and more crisp. Modern day electronic music truly is on a whole different level from techno from a technicality standpoint. There is just so much more depth and intricacy to modern electronic music that makes it exciting to listen to.

And that’s the comparison I came up with on my drive. Compared to modern anime, older anime has this simplicity, with the older animation / sound. And yet, it’s still great anime that can be just as enjoyable as newer anime, despite the older style. I don’t really know how else to explain it, so here are a couple examples of what I’m getting at:

First set is an example of non lyrical old vs new electronic music, second set is an example of lyrical old vs. new electronic music. It almost feels like the techno songs are two dimensional when you listen to them side by side with modern electronic music. And yet they still have that charm, that catchy melody, that makes them enjoyable despite their simplicity. I love all of these example songs for one reason or another.


I’m no music expert, but this is just something I noticed that I thought was a pretty neat comparison, and it really made me think of my feelings towards old vs. new anime. Of course the comparison isn’t 100% accurate, not ALL techno songs have that charm, and not ALL modern electronic songs are more exciting / impactful.

Just like not ALL old anime are going to be enjoyable, and not ALL new anime are going to be better due to modern animation / sound. But you get the gist of what I am trying to say hopefully – even older things can have a certain charm to them that still makes them great.

And that’s all I had to write about that. I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts on old vs. new anime. Any particular gripes / preferences between the two? Is there anything that old anime does better? General thoughts on the topic?


Thanks for reading. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Old vs. New Anime + I’m Back!!

    1. Old anime can’t be edgy? 😛
      I feel like I need to research more older anime at some point. It feels like I am missing out on a lot.
      Also yeah I know haha, going to pass out for 12h soon

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m saying that more anime aren’t just using existential themes as their entire appeal-
        Instead of focusing broadly on a generalization of basic people like Psycho-Pass and Violet Evergarden, we have shows now that focus on a few complex characters from which the broader themes and messages can be naturally derived from without taking away from the humanity of the characters or simplifying them.
        That’s the kind of edge I really like!


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