Owarimonogatari (Full) Brief Thoughts

Finished Owarimonogatari (both seasons 1 & 2) and I think that the series ended with some pretty good content. At least, I’m pretty sure this was the end of the series but who knows for sure. I have one major issue with this season, but for the most part enjoyed it. If you haven’t watched the Monogatari Series (starting with this one) I recommend checking the whole anime series out, because it’s something unlike any other anime out there. Going to avoid any major spoilers although I may spoil some minor things.

Koyomi Araragi is back baby! For one final night on the town.

I’m going to get the part I disliked over with first. I didn’t enjoy the first half of Owarimonogatari season 1, or basically the first 6 episodes or so of Owarimonogatari. I liked Oikura as a character, but I honestly feel like the episodes were meaningless. I didn’t really have any interest in Araragi’s past involving Oikura at all. And even if I was, it wouldn’t have mattered because of what happens with Oikura. The episodes just felt really pointless and boring to me. Even when they introduced riddles they were quickly answered without giving much time for the questions to fester in my mind and make me think of the solution or even be interested in the solution.

The one consolation I will give is the dialogue episode with Oikura I thought was pretty neat. Some people may not enjoy an entire episode of exposition, but I really enjoyed Oikura in particular in this episode, how her speech mannerisms constantly changed and her attitude shifted throughout the episode. It was really impressive, great voice acting and everything on that episode.

Love the head tilts as always.

The only real reason for this arc (I guess you’d call these episodes an arc right? Like the “Oikura Arc” or something) that I can think of is to expose the viewer to a lot of Oshino Ougi and her meddling in a way that makes you suspect and wonder more about her. As if her appearance wasn’t already shady enough. But that’s really the only thing I feel like the Oikura Arc accomplished was bringing Oshino Ougi more to the forefront of the action, or something like that.

There’s probably more to it that I just didn’t catch seeing as the Monogatari Series as a whole can be pretty convoluted and complex (which is one of it’s main attractions). Also it’s been a while since I watched Tsukimonogatari so I may have forgotten something that makes the Oikura Arc more interesting.

Goodbye Shinobu.

Anyways, once the Oikura Arc ends the show picks up again and gets much more interesting until its conclusion. I’m glad I stuck it out because the rest of Owarimonogatari really brings it all back.  I think I’ve mentioned this before in my post about Mekakucity Actors but the art style is amazing in the Monogatari Series as a whole. Really so much of the series is just really well done – art style, character design, plot, and storytelling technique. It really is a classic anime series to me, one that is extremely unique and memorable. I’m glad to have experienced the whole anime series, and even though Owarimonogatari is the “End Story” I would be happy to see more. But if there is no more, that is fine too because this one ended on a good note.


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