Re:Creators – Opinion, Lessons Learned & Content Creation (No Spoilers)

I recently finished Re:Creators and feel that a lot of the concepts and ideas in the anime resonate with me. It can be refreshing to watch an anime that decides to go in it’s own direction and push different ideas / concepts. I can say that Re:Creators managed to surprise me a few times and that I had a few wrong predictions as to how the anime would play out; it’s nice when that happens considering how predictable so many anime are. Anyways, long title for this post as I have a few things I wanted to write about thanks to Re:Creators so let’s start with my general opinion of the anime.

Using a rifle and sword as a violin to unleash havoc? Love it.

First off, as I mentioned, Re:Creators managed to throw off my general predictions regarding certain characters as well as how the outcome was reached. Nothing insane like a crazy twist that would make you pause the anime, stand up and pace around for a few minutes to absorb what happened (I’m not the only one that does this right?), but more basic thoughts like “how will this character act in this situation” and “what will happen to this character in this situation”. It’s a positive note for the anime I think, and I enjoyed that about it. I also liked the wide cast of characters and watching them interact with each other. The soundtrack is awesome and does a good job of invoking emotions at the right times. I think all of these points added to my enjoyment of the anime.

The story of Re:Creators is very interesting and I have to say the overall concepts of it are very good. I don’t think that the story was implemented as well as it could have been though. The anime really slows down for multiple episodes at a time, and picks up at others. There are definite highs and lows to this anime; exciting moments of action and interesting character interaction, and dull moments of exposition and technical explanations. My personal opinion overall is that they could have cut back on some of the technical details that aren’t very interesting, and shortened the anime by a few episodes to maintain a better pace that doesn’t leave the viewer bored. That being said, the anime ends on a very high note that leaves the less exciting moments in the dust.

I’m not going to assign a rating to Re:Creators, because I think that this is the only real point that matters – I enjoyed watching Re:Creators, and I don’t regret watching it at all despite it’s hiccups. I found it very entertaining and if you think the synopsis seems interesting I say check it out. Just be sure to stick it out through the low points because as I mentioned, it gets very exciting closer to the end.

At first I couldn’t help but think Souta reminded me of someone. But as you can see, the frames are completely different.

Earlier I said that some of the ideas in this anime resonated with me, and now I want to get into that. One of the key themes of Re:Creators revolves around content creation. Content creators, content consumers, and how these two groups interact / affect each other. The anime does a great job of representing the viewpoint of content creators and issues that they face.

Content creation is something that is very new to me. It’s not easy to create something and publish it for the world to see as you are at the mercy of your audience in many ways. It’s not easy to be criticized by others. It’s not easy to create or keep creating when you don’t know if it will even be seen by anyone. When you put yourself out into the world in front of others, you have no idea what will happen. It’s a risk, and it can be scary, or embarassing.

I used to play the guitar, but I was always scared to play in front of others. I was worried that I wasn’t good enough, that I would embarrass myself. So I pretty much only played alone, until I stopped altogether. I think a lot of people go through something like that, for all sorts of situations. Whether it be creating music, a product, a video, an article, any form of content, it can be frightening, knowing that you will be judged based on your creation. Not only that, but it’s easy to look at the creations of other people around you and feel inadequate. When you see someone better at guitar, drawing, or whatever it may be, it only makes putting your content that much more nerve wracking because you could be compared to those who seem better than you.

She has sharp wit to match her sharp teeth.

You can summarize this all down to two points: comparing yourself to others, and fear of judgement by others. The solution is the same for both – have some courage and create. Don’t compare yourself to others, and don’t fear judgement by others. If you have an idea and want to create something, then do it. There will always be people out there with more chops than you, and there will always be people out there who will judge you. All you can do is tune all that out and go for it.

Easier said than done I know, but that’s precisely why there are countless more content consumers than there are content creators in the world. It’s easy to judge someone else’s creation, it’s not easy to create something yourself.

There are thousands of other anime blogs out there, with more articulate writing, with better analysis, and more overall knowledge of anime. I knew that when I started this blog, but I started it anyways because I wanted to create something. And you know what? Even though this blog doesn’t get many views, it still feels good putting my thoughts on here. Even if no one at all reads this it still feels like I accomplished something, knowing that maybe I can inspire one person to watch Re:Creators, or to go create something of their own. Could be months after I’ve made this post even. That’s good enough for me.

I’ve been teaching myself the piano for the last few years now. Unlike when I played guitar, I’m not afraid to play in front of others because I realized that for every person that may judge you negatively, there could be so many more that are impressed. If I play piano for a dozen people, what are the chances that even one of them also plays the piano? And even if they do, it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy it either. When I see other people’s content, I have nothing but respect for the fact that they put themselves out there and made something. Even if I don’t like their content they are winners in my books.

“Yes.. Internet Police? I’d like to report an anime blogger posing as a psychologist.”

One final thing I will say is regarding the attitude I used to have versus the attitude I have now. It’s something that I think applies to more than just content creation even, it’s more about motivation and goals in general. I used to always think to myself “if only I had done X in the past, then I would be better off today”. Like I would watch someone streaming a game on and think “if only I had started streaming 3 years ago, I would probably have a lot of people watching me today”. Another example could be “if only I had started working out 2 years ago I’d be in great shape today”. It’s a bad attitude to have and I had thoughts like these ALL the time up until recently. All you are doing when you think like this is filling yourself with regret and demotivating yourself.

Instead, you have to switch the way you approach these thoughts. “If I start doing X today, I will be much better off in the future” is the framework that has helped me to create my own content. Don’t look at a successful blog and think “if only I had started a blog 4 years ago, I’d have a popular blog right now”. You have to think towards your future: “if I create a blog now, in 4 years I bet it’ll be popular”. It’s a way of thinking that applies to so many things, because the apex of it is this: if you never create, you will never experience the benefits of having created something. Instead of regretting not having created something in the past, you have to start something now so that you can reap the benefits in the future.

Re:Creators does a great job of conveying the importance of self confidence when it comes to content creation, and it’s something that really struck a chord with me. If you have ever wanted to create something yourself, all I can say is go for it, it isn’t as scary as you think.




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