Joukamachi no Dandelion

For the last month I’ve been watching some older anime while waiting for the Summer 2017 anime to finish up so I can watch the newer stuff (I’ve been waiting since April for you Boku no Hero Academia 2nd season, don’t let me down!). Of the anime I’ve watched lately, Joukamachi no Dandelion (Castle Town Dandelion) was my favourite.

Had to get a picture of this cat on here.

It’s not an anime that breaks any records by any means, but I think that it has enough positive aspects to it that I won’t forget it as easily as many other average anime. Most of all I really enjoyed the warm vibe it has. I tend to go through phases of action / intense anime, and easy-going / slice of life anime. This one definitely fits the latter of the two. There is a basic story and goal for the characters that plays out, but the anime really feels like a slice of life despite that.

Basically the main characters are all children of the king of a country, have special powers (the real lesson here – it pays to be born into royalty) and are trying to increase their popularity with the people as one of them will be elected king when their father steps down. The anime took a super relaxed approach to this story and plays out more like “a day in the life of these children of the king (who have super powers)”.

Here is the intro to the anime, I think that it does a good job conveying what you can expect with this anime. Also the song is enjoyable, and I’m always a fan of openings that introduce characters when there are a lot to keep track of.

I think the fact that majority of this anime is brothers and sisters interacting with each other is what allows the anime to give off this really relaxed / warm feeling. Just like a lot of anime of this type there are also many comedic moments, but I don’t think that the comedy defines the anime like it can with others of this genre.

Overall, this is an anime with a very average rating on MyAnimeList that I think is a little underrated, but at the same time I’m sure part of that is just my personal love for slice of life anime and the easy-going feeling that I get watching them. Joukamachi no Dandelion was a lot of fun to watch, a short and sweet 12 episode anime that wraps up nicely.

I also had to include this watermelon.

If I managed to convince you to give this anime a shot and you enjoyed it, you should check out this post I made a while back regarding my favourite slice of life anime that I have watched this year (so far, at least).

I’ll make a couple more posts in the next week about the other anime I’ve watched, some have been enjoyable and others have been more forgettable. In the last month I’ve moved to a new apartment and had some other things going on. I currently don’t get very many views but I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts. Thanks.

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