Rewrite 2nd Season Was Great

Not going to post any plot spoilers, just broad observations, which may have minor spoilers regarding the overall design of the anime. If you haven’t watched Rewrite, I suggest checking out both seasons, as you need to see the first season to understand the second. If you combine the two, I think overall it makes for a good anime.

Wasn’t planning on writing this but after finishing Rewrite 2nd Season I felt like I had to bring it up – it was actually really good in comparison to the first season, which you don’t see too often!

With the anime I’ve watched, its very rare to have an anime where the first season is average / not very good, and the second season manages to redeem the anime and leave a good impression. Normally the only time you see the second season of an anime surpass the first is when you have a good first season, and then a better second season.

Last season was just a bad dream, right? Time to wake up.

Now I’m not completely hating on Rewrite season 1, but I thought it was a little disorganized, tried to focus on too many characters, and then sort of rushed through the ending. I think the main disappointment I had with the first season was Kotarou has this cool ability but he felt weak and well.. disappointing. Part of this might be my personal bias as I like strong main characters (not that I exclusively expect them in an anime). That being said, I think that none of these flaws were really present in the second season at all.

I might be reading too far into this, but I think that the anime was sort of setup like this and it can be expected from the plot / design. Season 1 was designed to introduce everything, the setting, characters, concepts etc. as well as give the viewer a taste of failure so to speak. Season 2 takes that foundation and runs with it.

I also think that my surprise adds to the satisfaction I had watching season 2. Season 1 aired last summer, and season 2 aired this winter – during that time period I had sort of written off the Rewrite anime as average, and wasn’t even sure if I was going to watch the second season when I saw that it was airing. So to come back to the anime and leave satisfied made me pretty happy I went back to it.

It’s possible that this surprise factor wouldn’t be experienced by someone watching both seasons back to back, but I think that the stark difference between the two seasons (especially with Kotarou and his development) would still give any viewer this feeling.

Is this even the same anime as season 1?

I think it’s nice to be surprised once in a while with stuff like this, because when it comes to anime because after watching enough you start to see so many similarities and repetition across anime of similar genres – the same cliches, character design, etc. to the point where you can predict what will happen (which takes the fun out of it for me).

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with Rewrite 2nd Season, enough that I wanted to mention it here. Thanks for reading.

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