Everything Bakuman.!

I’ve just finished all three seasons of Bakuman! I mentioned this before, but this is the first anime in a while that I just couldn’t stop watching. I guess when a shounen gets it right, it really gets it right huh. I was totally hooked, and watched 75 episodes in one week! You can do the math on that one, time lost it’s meaning every night once I put Bakuman on. And so I have plenty to write about!

Before I dive into the details, I just wanted to write some spoiler free words about Bakuman. If you haven’t watched Bakuman, you can expect the following: excellent character development, a wide and eccentric cast of characters, tension / comedy and everything inbetween, an incredible shounen-esque journey – all in a story setting that is unconventional for typical shounen. It really is a great anime, one that I know I will remember for a very long time. Bakuman may very well have just become my favourite shounen anime over this last week, it’s well worth a watch!

And with that out of the way, Bakuman spoilers ahead!


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Fantasy, Fantasizing… Sleep?

I’ve got an announcement!
I will be contributing to a new blog created by EdgyAnimeTeen specifically for Monogatari content, called EAT Monogatari! And I just published my first post there! You may have suspected this, with some of my picture choices and mentions, but Monogatari is my favourite anime. There’s so much I love about the series that I won’t take up too much of this post to explain. If you like the Monogatari Series, check it out!

Also, I’m so close to finishing Bakuman completely. Just you wait, I have a lot to write about it!

But until then, a fluff post about one unconventional reason why I love fantasy anime so much.

This picture is a reason in itself.

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Ok so I have just finished the second season of Bakuman. I can’t remember the last time I was so hooked on an anime, I’m glad that there are still anime out there that make me completely lose my sense of time and tell myself “just one more” before I proceed to watch another 5 episodes. But I feel like I might as well wait and write a post about my overall impressions and thoughts after I’ve finished the 3rd season.

I really wanted to write something though, and Bakuman has pretty much consumed me for the past 4 days. So here is a lighthearted post about one of my favourite characters in the series so far: Hiramaru.

(Bakuman. S1 & S2 spoilers ahead)


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Farewell Vancouver… My Story

I’ve never really written about myself on this blog, and the last two years have been something else. A lot has happened. And currently I am at what I feel like is a true turning point in my life. I guess what I want to do here is put my story into words, for closure. Maybe just to help myself move on. It just feels like something I should do, and something I want to do. This is going to be a long post of my story from these last two years.

*Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

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Memories & Anime

I realized something recently about how I view anime. I don’t like giving anime a fixed rating, and in my “review’ posts I like to bring up what I liked, disliked, just like anyone would. But I think the one thing that I like to judge an anime on the most is how memorable it was.

When I look at my list, now at 340 entries (337 completed, 2 ongoing, 1 dropped) there are so many anime that I can read the title, or see the thumbnail for, and remember something about it. This memory is what I like to judge an anime on – when I look back at this anime, what will I remember about it? How much will I forget? What scenes will I remember? I love finishing an anime and reflecting on these questions.


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ef: Two Tales

As I tend to marathon anime, and dislike watching multiple anime at the same time, I went ahead and finished the sequel to ef: A Tale of Memories – ef: A Tale of Melodies. Unlike the first season, I was prepared for the drama, sorrow, and heartfelt moments. Most of what I wrote about previously also applies to the sequel: beautiful characters, vivid skies, nice story.

Despite having the same style, there are some differences between the two seasons. So for this post I’d like to compare the two, and bring up what I liked and disliked between them both. But first I want to bring up a few thoughts about ef: A Tale of Melodies.


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Sequels in Anime

So this is a pretty broad topic. There are a few things I’ve noticed in regards to sequels that I thought were pretty interesting so I figured might as well throw these thoughts out there. I don’t actually know much about the business side of sequels, or the process of studios / producers / or whoever makes them happen. I really don’t know much about the business side of anime at all, so I won’t go into any of that. I should point out now that anime where the prequel is actually released later on are likely a bit different than what I mention here.

Also, because this is more of a casual post, I wanted to mention that I am currently listening to music from Fukumenkei Noise. I wasn’t kidding about liking the music! I feel like listening to music from anime helps me write these posts. Does anyone else do this too, or something similar?

All right. Time to talk sequels.


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